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Revealed: The Mystery Man Behind Bitcoin: “Not Even His Family Knew”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

It’s taken the world by storm, rising thousands of percentage points in just a few years and making multi-millionaires out of early investors. Just $1000 invested a couple of years ago would be worth nearly a million today.

Bitcoin and the crypto-currencies that followed in its footsteps have become widely popular with those looking to keep their transactions private, while at the same time driving governments all over the world nuts because there exists no paper trail.

For years no one really knew who created Bitcoin. It just kind of popped up out of nowhere. There were rumors, based on investigations into the code that it was probably a single developer.

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1 comment to Revealed: The Mystery Man Behind Bitcoin: “Not Even His Family Knew”

  • Praxis

    If everyone understood the maxims the supposed Satoshi Nakamoto subscribed to, there would be a deafening silence.

    I feel bad for the guy. If it’s really him, what do I care?

    Get lost… oh right, nevermind.

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