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Recovering Alcoholic Has Guns Seized by Connecticut Police

by Paul Joseph Watson, infowars:

Amidst fears that Connecticut police may be preparing for gun confiscation, a recovering alcoholic had his firearms seized by CT police as a result of authorities claiming the man was depressed.

Jonathan Hall posted the adjacent picture on his Facebook page alongside the words, “My guns being seized by the CT state police.” In a previous post, Hall complained, “Well Connecticut state police are on their way to seize all of my firearms… what the f%#$ happened to my 2nd amendment. … this is unjustified. … and this is no bullshit either…. they are really on their way with a court order for me to hand over my firearms!”

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3 comments to Recovering Alcoholic Has Guns Seized by Connecticut Police

  • bestkeylar

    Jonathan, you screwed up, you left them where they could be found.

  • Hoser

    Proof Positive that FB is a Nazi-Zionist-NWO HUMINT (Human Intelligence gathering) tool. Nuff said.

  • Ken Andrews

    As much as I hate to say it, all of your folks in the Northeast and California brought this on yourselves! You can’t vote “democrat liberal” for generations and not expect to get what you voted for. We may not have supposed advantages and sophistication found in your big over populated cities but you won’t read these kinds of stories coming out of Texas or Oklahoma either. Get involved politically on you block, in your neighborhoods, towns, counties and stop crying.

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