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Putin’s Russia caught in US and Chinese double-pincer

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph:

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has committed a grave strategic blunder by tearing up the international rule book without a green light from China. Any hope of recruiting Beijing as an ally to blunt Western sanctions looks doomed, and with it the Kremlin’s chances of a painless victory, or any worthwhile victory at all.

Mr Putin was careful to thank China’s Politburo for its alleged support in his victory speech on Crimea. Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has been claiming with his usual elasticity that “Russia and China have coinciding views on the situation in Ukraine.”

This is of course a desperate lie. China did not stand behind Russia in the UN Security Council vote on Crimea, as it had over Syria. It pointedly abstained. Its foreign ministry stated that “China always sticks to the principle of non-interference in any country’s internal affairs and respects the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

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3 comments to Putin’s Russia caught in US and Chinese double-pincer

  • Plistkin

    Well when the smoke clears we will find out where the propaganda comes from. We already know where the truth of the cause of the conflict originated from. Those propagandists are clear. Now either the BRICS will support each other or they will not. Then we will find out who is supplying this new propaganda.

  • Rudenewt

    Gas prices posed to fall? Hmmm they’ve only been going up around here. And China siding with the US against Russia? Awesome, maybe someone should let the Russians and Chinese know that. Maybe if I was smoking the same crack Ambrose was I’d be saying the same thing…

    It’s all ok. Nothing to see here. Please go back to your regularly scheduled programing.

  • Abby

    Somebody should suggest to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that he reads SGT. Here are only two headlines of many :

    Welcome to the Currency War, Part 14: Russia, China, India Bypass the Petrodollar

    Russia Prepares Mega-Deal With India After Locking Up China With “Holy Grail” Gas Deal

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