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Putin’s Plans to Seize Eastern Europe and Alaska

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

We have received highly credible accounts that if Putin invades any portion of Ukraine, exclusive of Crimea, that the United States is prepared to enact a no-fly zone over Syria in order to prevent the Russians from continuing to arm Assad with the necessary weapons to make an American invasion of Syria very costly in terms of lives and money.

As I have stated all along, World War III will begin, but not end in Syria. The United States, in an attempt to prolong the life of the Petrodollar needs to first invade Syria and then Iran to take control of payment obligations when it comes to Middle Eastern oil.

These same insider reports also indicate that Putin is prepared to counter any strike upon Syria with an attack upon Alaska and the former Soviet Socialist Republics in Eastern Europe. An additional report for this claim comes from an advisor to the Russian Parliament by the name of Roman Kokorev. But according to some Russian sources, Kokorev does not hold any such position. Yet, the following demonstrates that he indeed is who he says he is.

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11 comments to Putin’s Plans to Seize Eastern Europe and Alaska

  • Come on Dave….. This is “so” off the wall.

    • Bruce Barry

      IF Dave Hodges is the real deal and isn’t just some cointelpro stooge, his family should seriously consider getting him some professional help. You’d think his last few posts were written in a mental institution.

  • Robin

    Not so off-the-wall, Mark, when you consider the immense strategic value of the many resources to be seized through an invasion of Alaska, with the possibility of a global nuclear holocaust as the mere downside. The resources referred to are, of course, all that snow and ice and Sara Palin herself.

  • Stefan


    Chill Out! This is all predicated on Kokorev’s Facebook page? Do you think it may be possible you are playing the useful idiot role? Is there any possibility that the Ukraine is going to clean up Western Ukraine on its own without a shot being fired by Putin’s Russia?

    And your conclusions are ridiculous. First bribery towards the Eastern European nations of Eastern Europe with an energy carrot, which, in your eyes will fail. Next, we have annexed countries with Russian tanks rolling in.

    There are numerous ways Russia, China, and other BRICK nations can throw the whore off their backs without these foolish scare tactic sceneries. It is over simplified thought, reminiscent of the 60’s black comedy, Dr. Strangelove. If you want to regale us with military nonsense, does General Martin Dempsey play the part of Curtis LeMay portrayed as a combination of General Jack D. Ripper, and General Buck Turgidson?

    You do not appear to appreciate the fact that this financial war gaming is all western. It is the United States and Western Europe that are caught in the debt quagmire of their own making that will drive false flags and any other unnecessary murdering.

  • Troy

    Ya, but in the future the world will be run by Damn dirty apes…so it don’t matter. I’m going to take the dog for walk, plan my garden, go to my mothers to eat supper with some relatives…..and I’m not going to worry about any thing!

  • Thunderchild Mobile

    David Hodges was writing some really good articles up until a few months ago….looks like he sold out or fell off the deep end.

  • Z

    Has anything that Hodges has said recently ever happened? It all appears to be wild conjecture based upon what his “inside sources” are telling him. This happens to a lot of these “predictor” types who keep telling you that they know what is going to happen. They have to keep making more outrageous claims and predictions in order to hold their audience. They lace it with jut enough truth to keep people on the hook…

  • Brian

    This is nuts. If the Russians did something like that it would without a doubt start something very big and uncontrollable. What would Putin gain from that kind of action?

  • delllat

    hahahahahahahahahah riddle me this…???? is Putin going to join forces with Texas, California, NYS and Miami. I also heard he made a deal with the French to take back New Orleans. There are also Russian spies working with the American Indians!!!
    He is also trying to restart the Cuban missile crisis!!
    Hahahahahaha LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!
    The other day the Russian Federation deactivated one their clocking devises.
    There appeared to be a Russian and Chinese federation spacecraft hovering over the Mojave desert.
    They know they can’t control the BRICS……checkmate.

  • Johan

    I dont undsterstand why these utterly nonsensical articles keep coming up. The whole Ukranian debacle has completely shifted from brink of civil war to how the russians responded. The fact is the country is broke and they now have a nondemocratic elected leader. The west have been building missile bases along the russian lines and trying to expand NATO allthough promising not to. We should be thankfull Russia hasnt turned of the gas to europe yet.

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