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Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb — Jim Sinclair

from USA Watchdog:

World renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair is worried about the crisis in Ukraine. Sinclair says, “Welcome back to the cold war that can get hot overnight.”

It appears President Obama has brought back the Cold War, and Sinclair contends, “He’s brought it back by changing to a new normal diplomacy, making outrageous threats on a continuing basis rather than seeking a solution.” The referendum vote in Crimea that is overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia, and yet, officials in the West say it is illegal or illegitimate. Sinclair says, “To say that is to deny the reality the government in the Ukraine is a government created by a coup. To say that is to bring us to the brink of war. . . . Mistakes can happen. War can start anytime you have two entities together with weapons of war looking at each other with lots of hate. I am concerned about the mistake of aggressive machinery and aggressive people looking right at each other.”

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3 comments to Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb — Jim Sinclair

  • DaveL

    Now it is obvious why the USA appears insane with respect to demands that Russia back off the Ukraine. “They” are handing Putin the means to destroy us, Obama’s plan all along, without firing a shot!

    • glitter 1

      I believe you are correct!Sane individuals would not act in the manner that they currently are.These actions may just be the probable plan all along.THEY WANT IT!There is without a shadow of a doubt,a planned WWIII.There may not be a better set-up to get the ball rolling.

      • DaveL

        I wish we were wrong. But everything I am seeing and understanding says ONE THING: THIS IS ALL PREMEDITATED TO END “THE DOLLAR”, and thus OUR status as an economical player in the coming reality.

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