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Perspective from the “Inside”

by JH, Survival Blog:

I’ve been following many survival blogs and prepper sites for some time. I realize that what I am posing in this piece will be received by some as controversial or possibly taboo, but in order to get a balanced view of things, many viewpoints must be examined. That being said, I will inform the readers that I have been in law enforcement for twenty-five years, and I am able to speak from what I’ve experienced on this side of things. There are a number of plausible scenarios that could entail the imposition of martial law, gun confiscation, and suspension of habeas corpus or a range of actions in between that may come to pass. Let’s start with a little background.

First, I will admit that approximately ten years ago or so, the law enforcement community began to embrace a more “militaristic” outlook on their general job tasks. It started slowly, when I noticed at various conferences that vendors were moving to provide “tactical” equipment as a small percentage of sales. Today, these same vendors are primarily involved in ‘tactical” equipment almost solely.

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  • Rancher

    Good points. However it is my experience the a vast amount of LE are way fat to even obese. They do employ a more fit set of guys to do some of the heavy lifting but over all LE does not like to venture very far from the patrol car and I have seen them half my age get winded in a 1-2 hundred yards of gently uphill assent. So much so they could not hold a bead on any target.

    I would easily see our fit hunters out here out working them, out shooting them at much longer ranges with much higher powered big game guns and leaving them for wolf bait if they tried to take the guns away. You take them out of the city, out of their patrol cars and on foot in the woods and few will return home to their families. We did it to the red coats in the revolution and we can do it again now.

    All I can say is LE people better think twice about which side of such an order they land on. If they take part in attacking the massive civilian population I can say there will be not mercy shown to them. There already is vast mistrust for LE as it is. If they side with the people they could be taken in and protection offered for their families.

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