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Obama Orders The Murder Of Two American Citizens

by Floyd Brown, Western Journalism:

According to Jeremy Scahill’s blockbuster book and academy award-nominated documentary Dirty Wars, Obama ordered the execution of two American citizens in Yemen, details of which have been hidden from the American public. This comes after the shocking news that Obama rained hellfire missiles on a marriage procession in Yemen.

According to Scahill, literally hundreds of civilians have been murdered by Barack Hussein Obama, and at least two American citizens—possibly more.

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4 comments to Obama Orders The Murder Of Two American Citizens

  • Paul T

    No, they were murdered by treacherous morons in our military who are following unlawful orders to illegally pull the trigger on these people from these drones. They are the ones who need to hang. And I don’t want to hear any of this “they were just following orders” shit either. The Nazi’s were just following orders too when they murdered 6 million people. Everyone knows our president is a mad man, but I have a problem with the cowards who keep carrying out his atrocities for him. These people are the real traitors and enablers.

  • Insert_Name_Here

    Are you seriously using the 6 million joo’s died figure?
    Why don’t you do a little research before you spout PROPAGANDA

    WoW what a Maroon

    • Paul T

      What’s your point, moron? I don’t care if it was 6 million or 600, the fact is they followed the orders without question. What part of that did u not understand?

  • Insert_Name_Here

    Because of FOOLS like you that keep the PROPAGANDA going….YOU are a BIG part of the PROBLEM….and you read the SGTreport and still perpetuate the MYTH?
    You are the Maroon not someone who points out your ignorance.

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