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Obama Imposes Sanctions, PUTIN TO DUMP DOLLAR? — Andy Hoffman


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3 comments to Obama Imposes Sanctions, PUTIN TO DUMP DOLLAR? — Andy Hoffman

  • Z

    Have your heard the one about the bomb that went off in the boarding house? The roomers were flying…

    Yup, maybe this and maybe that, etc. Here is a firsthand account of one of the sanctioned.

    Obama is an oblivious nitwit… Someone prepared the list and he signed it so to think that he was the author & originator is a fairytale. Obama reads off of the teleprompter, goes on vacation and plays golf.

    • PTS

      My favorite quote about this whole situation:

      Putin plays chess while Obama plays marbles

      Unfortunately we’ve got the marble player running our country, and he’s not even competent at that.

  • Windrunner55

    Andy, you are a brilliant Gold and Silver guy. However, you are basing your opinion on BITCOIN not based on your research, but rather on conversations around the water cooler. I hold Gold, Silver and some BITCOIN for diversification. I HAVE researched it, understand the protocol, understand that like anything new (remember the startup of the internet), the bad actors must be weeded out. Millions of dollars are being invested by VCs and Hedge Funds for startup companies, and Wall Street IS warming up to the idea. Perhaps be a little less biased. Also, look up Ponzi Scheme in Wikipedia. It is not a ponzi scheme. Like I say, I love your comments regarding Fiat, Gold and Silver and geopolitical issues.

    My only other comment is that we (holders of physical) have been hearing by Sprott, SInclair, Turk and others that metals are on the rise. Despite the constant beat down by the Fed and/or JPM, that too is beginning to sound like a rah rah tune, and I no longer get very excited about the next supposed run up. Today was a prime example. I see the rise for a week, then BAM, a beat down.

    I welcome a response by you. Like I say, I love your interviews, you do talk rationally, without hype. But leave Bitcoin alone 🙂 – unless you are willing to do a little more research. I would love to see you interview Andreas Antonopolous on the topic. It would be very educational…

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