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Obama hits record low 41% approval rating, as Putin Hits 3-year High at 72%

from Hang the Bankers:

On the heels of President Obama’s approval rating plummeting to 41% – a record low – it is perhaps ironic that the supposedly despotic Vladimir Putin has seen his approval rating soar to 71.6% – a 3 year high – as Interfax notes “we now have a complex society that supports the president, primarily because of his stance on Ukraine.”

Interestingly 64% saw Ukraine as a key current event while 32% said that success at the Olympics was most important.

Via Interfax, The rating of Vladimir Putin registered by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research center (VTsIOM), which exceeds the rating he had after his inauguration in 2012, will most likely stay high and may even increase, Nikolai Mironov, general director of the Institute of Priority Regional Projects, said. “Putin’s rating is even higher than it was in May 2012, when he became president. His rating has now reached the highest point. I believe it may stay at this level and may even increase,” Mironov told Interfax on Thursday.

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