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NSA Chief is Pushing for Legislation to Stifle the First Amendment

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

Recently, what came out with the justices in the United Kingdom … they looked at what happened on Miranda and other things, and they said it’s interesting: journalists have no standing when it comes to national security issues. They don’t know how to weigh the fact of what they’re giving out and saying, is it in the nation’s interest to divulge this.

– General Keith Alexander, Director of the NSA

Although General Alexander states the above with regard to the UK justice system, he clearly agrees with the assessment. Read the passage above again and think about how scary that statement is. It becomes clear that one of the reasons abuses at the NSA are so egregious is because of the attitude of the person in charge. Alexander genuinely thinks that intelligence officials know best, and should not be subject to any sort of accountability. You don’t need to be a card-carrying member of the ACLU to see how dangerous this perspective is.

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2 comments to NSA Chief is Pushing for Legislation to Stifle the First Amendment

  • Bill

    What else could he say? When your on the hot seat and on the wrong side of the fence,the BIAS is always going to be self protective which is only natural when you have been caught!!! He’s just peaking to the twisted covert thinking that just perpetuates more of the same,He needs to go and the whole covert system taken down and get some real leaders that have genuine integrity and quit whining about getting caught which is exactly what they would say to any of us! The more these guy’s whine the more guilty they look don’t you think?

  • jerry

    “government at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest window of national security” quoted from JFK. Stifle the 1st amendment and we are done , if were not already. Forget the ones that follow the 1st. They shut down the media, the only business protected by the constitution under the 1st amendment, Obama wins AmeriKas history.

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