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No Act of Conscience: Liz Wahl RT Resignation Was Planned Neocon Think Tank PR Stunt

from 21st Century Wire:

They say nothing happens in Washington by accident, and new details of the much celebrated on-air resignation of Liz Wahl reveal who she was working with on what can now be confirmed as a politicized publicity stunt, engineered in part by a leading neoconservative think thank in Washington DC.

It’s not certain exactly how long Liz Wahl had been involved in planning the incident, but an investigation by news site Truth Dig shows that she coordinated her publicity stunt with Robert Kagan and William Kristol’s new neoconservative think tank to replace the much-maligned Project for a New American Century, called Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).

Wahl appears to have been in close coordination with FPI member and neoconservative writer, James Kirchick, 31, who also appears in media as an ‘LGBT activist’ and works for right-ring GOP affiliated media outlet The Weekly Standard.

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2 comments to No Act of Conscience: Liz Wahl RT Resignation Was Planned Neocon Think Tank PR Stunt

  • Hoser

    I hate Neocons as much as I hate Liberals!!! When the Revolution starts, I plan on Shooting in All Directions!!! Trust family and your closest friends/neighbors. No one else!!!

  • Warp

    Rosie Gray, who is referenced in that article, apparently writes the hit pieces against Alex Jones over at BuzzFeed. She started up there probably after they moved to 23rd St., I don’t know anything about her really, other than when I commented on one of her hit pieces on AEJ about him being a major presence in radio who rivals anything that Howard Stern had ever done, BuzzFeed deleted my comments.

    BuzzFeed is a Potemkin Village.

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