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Modern Scientific Community – The New Church & How Technology Is A Drug Part I

from Vigilant Citizen:

Let me start by saying two things. First, I am an Orthodox Christian. I will do my best at staying neutral in regards to the subject, but I am also a human being, thus my ways in expressing things may seem at times, although unintendedly, as crazy Christian propaganda. Second, I do not think that we should abandon all technology and scientific research and go living in caves. I will make a couple of rather bold claims in this series of articles. Therefore I ask of you to please keep those two in mind, so that you can more effectively comprehend the picture I am portraying, rather than focusing the debate on the nature of ink I used to paint it with.

Now. If you are visiting this site often, you know that simply because fundamental religious dogmas are regarded as obsolete in most parts of the western world (N. America & Europe) does not in fact mean that the same brainwashing that was used on the masses through religion has seized. It simply shifted form to another medium: science. This is because even though religious institutions have lost their power to shift laws and preach morality, the “elites” have not lost their. Modern scientific practices and methods have moral lessons too, which in fact coincide with occult beliefs. Not only that, but the entire scientific community, consisting of everyone with a master’s degree or higher and currently involved in any form of research, if looked upon as one body, acts as a religious organization in of itself. Pretty bold claims, I better have some pretty bold arguments to support them, eh? (It would of course help to have at least a couple of years of college/university studies under the belt to follow this article, but it is not a requirement.)

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