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Max Keiser: What’s wrong with the financial system?

from Truthloader:

Max Keiser from The Keiser Report joined us to talk about the problems with the financial system, why we’re heading for another economic bubble, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and MaxCoin, as well as a whole host of other related topics.

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3 comments to Max Keiser: What’s wrong with the financial system?

  • Danny W

    More importantly, why is Max wearing yellow pants?

  • Hondo Stalwart

    well danny, he is a clever deceitful chameleon. the real max keiser is no more.

  • CryptoPatriot

    I am curious why he doesn’t talk about the Bitcoin 2.0 projects currently in the works with Bitshares at the forefront.

    I mean, lets imagine for a second completely decentralized banks and exchanges, reputation systems, insurance, associated press services, domain name services (like Namecoin), provably fair lotteries and casinos…

    The point this is meant to make is that there Bitshares is going to effectively cut out the middle man and the “insiders” from being able to manipulate the markets from the inside. The consequences for this market is ASTOUNDING for the liberty movement. This is precisely why I wonder why Gold and Silver bugs hate Bitcoin.

    When Bitshares exchanges are really up and running, just watch Gold and Silver manipulation fail and PM valuations move to their REAL value.

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