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Maryland Cop To Citizen: “You Have No Rights”

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism:

As smartphones with built-in camcorders become more ubiquitous, citizens who witness arrests and other police activities increasingly use the technology to capture such moments on tape.

For fans of law enforcement transparency, such added accountability is a positive trend. Many officers, however, express a different point of view.

When police in Towson, Md. initiated the arrest of two suspects this week, a local CBS affiliate reported a bystander reached for his phone and immediately began capturing footage of the unfolding event. A short time later, one officer approached the amateur videographer, who expressed his belief that he had a right to record the interaction.

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1 comment to Maryland Cop To Citizen: “You Have No Rights”

  • B.M.

    At this point, you are much better off AVOIDING the police whenever you can, as opposed to seeking out their help. To many nut jobs on the forces now vs. good, decent, law abiding men and women.

    Unfortunately, the distrust is growing toward our once respected police departments, and blow back for their abuses against the citizens they took an oath to serve and protect is coming.

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