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Kerry, Lavrov Head to Paris for ‘Diplomatic Solution’ in Ukraine

by Jacob Chamberlain, Common Dreams:

Following a phone call Friday night from Russian President Vladimir Putin to President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is now heading to Paris where he will meet his Russian counterpart to discuss a possible “diplomatic resolution” to the Ukraine crisis.

“Secretary Kerry will travel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Paris, France today in advance of a to-be-scheduled meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov early next week in Europe,” State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said on Saturday.

The move follows a series of phone calls—first from Putin to Obama then between Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Kerry—seemingly easing the tensions between the world powers. The two could meet as early as Sunday.

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2 comments to Kerry, Lavrov Head to Paris for ‘Diplomatic Solution’ in Ukraine

  • dan

    are we lucky enough that he might take a Malaysia air flight….along with the rest of his state dept…..traitors all…..imho

  • Z

    Pablum for the masses. They are never going to tell you what is really going on behind the scenes… Grand Kabuki to keep the proles churning while the hidden agendas continue unabated. Obama is a clueless butt-bag while Kerry is an errand boy for the PTB. Putin, for now, is an unknown quantity in this formula for whatever will result from this. I suspect that Putin will keep up the pressure on E. Ukraine by having the troops massed on the border and just wait until they and their Western controllers give him an excuse to go in and clamp down. NATO is joke and no threat to a serious armed force… only good for going into 3rd world countries and acting tough with the locals. If they decide to take the Russians on in direct combat then they will gets their butts handed to them.

    As James Caan’s character in the old “Thief” movie said to Leo the Godfather: “If I don’t get my money in 24 hours, you’re going to wear your ass for a hat.”

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