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Karen Hudes: Banker Suicides, Bitcoin and the Global Renaissance

from NextNewsNetwork:

World Bank Whistle Blower Karen Hudes joins Gary Franchi in studio for a revealing look at world affairs examining the recent rash of Banker Suicides, Bitcoin, the currency war, Crimea, and the coming Global Renaissance based on the Power Transition Model.

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9 comments to Karen Hudes: Banker Suicides, Bitcoin and the Global Renaissance

  • Paul T

    This woman is a Jewish disinformation agent, nothing more. Look it up for yourself.

  • markus

    Karen Hudes is a manufactured disinformation agent for the NWO.

    Do not listen to her, or give her the dignity of a considered response or reasoned debate. All that would do is exhaust you and play to her agenda.

  • Joe

    I have already stated my opinions on the Zionist shill going back quite some time. You can gain more incite from what this blogger has found on she and her husband’s ties to Rothschilds and other elites.

    Karen Hudes: Whistle-Blower Or Deceiver?

  • Beligerant

    This lady is sure getting a lot of free press and front page alternative news given the wild accusations. This is clue #1 something is not right! I just wonder what happened to all of the GOLD she stated was in Hawaii a few months back? And if there’s really 15 billion zillion tons of this barbaric relic sitting around in deeply hidden bunkers why are they still trying to mine the metal today? Something seems very wrong here.

  • solar ass

    Well, if you go by what Hudes says, we all should be moving to the Philippines, since that’s where all the gold is…Who would’ve thought..

  • aa

    The world bank and the IMF are benefactors of humanity and are holding a million metric tons of gold in various locations. Who in their right mind would believe this nonsense?

  • Something is seriously amiss. Hudes credentials as reported seem impeccable, and her message of corruption in high places more than plausible. Next Hudes is going on about planets on collision courses with earth and a race of aliens living along side humankind for millennia. So what’s the real story here? Are we dealing with a fake, a haunted house, or extreme gullibility of this person. Whatever is the real truth Hudes comes across as remarkably stupid for someone so bright. Perhaps this is just entertainment from both sides? Another Neil Keenan? Do we ignore the lunatic meanderings and accept what is plausible? Then where is that line to be drawn between the two? At best I have to take this all as some weird form of wacky but boring entertainment, like some kind of elaborate April Fools joke.

    • As a post script I think Gary Franchi needs to weigh in with his take on Hudes and why we should take anything at this site seriously? Is the Sgt. report a web version of the National Enquirer?

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