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Jim Willie: Currency Reset, Split dollar, Yuan convertibility very soon

We are in global hyper speed for economic change and breakdown.”

from Paul Sandhu:

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3 comments to Jim Willie: Currency Reset, Split dollar, Yuan convertibility very soon

  • Joe

    Listening to Willie always leaves me bent out of shape. Not because of the information he is putting out but in the context he dispenses the information. He follows to the letter, the cabal narrative of how Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. How Americans are boxing themselves in the corner ect.

    That FACTS are that everything going on globally right now from the disinfo Snowden campaign, to the farce that is the Ukrainian conflict is pure theater devised by cabal to lead us into a NWO.

    The build up of the US and West vs China, Russia and the Brics nations grows steadier every day. Eventually you see the European nations pulling away from us, the Americans, leaving America destitute and isolated! This is EXACTLY what the cabal is positioning for and ALL of these leading countries including the American leadership ( aka Zionist bought and paid for shills)are in on it! You can NOT have a New World Order with a prosperous, militarily strong, peace minded, civil rights caring USA standing!

    Everything from the social upheaval we have been living with here to the rampant illegal immigration is all about destroying completely “OLD” America until there absolutely no way “OLD” America can be saved. Once America falls, the rest of the world will be a cake walk for the cabal.

    I suggest people start waking up soon. Instead of listening to Willie as some kind of messianic truth bearer, stating things from the perspective of the cabal, why not email the man and question his reasoning for not saying the FULL truth!

    For a guy with such a smug tone in his voice, talking so confidently about what is happening in a matter of fact way, he sure misses the true intent of what is going on……or maybe that’s the way he wants it too be. Maybe that’s his job! You decide!

  • Joe…. I made some comments here

    I really hope you’re wrong. If what you say is true…. we’re ALL screwed.

  • Joe

    Mark, I’m not wrong.

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