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Jim Sinclair Issues Alert: Dollar Reacting Because Market Knows Russia Has a Nuclear Economic Weapon

from Silver Doctors:

Legendary financial & gold expert Jim Sinclair has issued an email alert to subscribers warning that the dollar’s reaction to the US stepping up sanctions against Russia on Thursday indicates that the market knows Russia has a nuclear economic weapon it can detonate on the West by dropping the petro-dollar standard.

Is Putin preparing to nuke the petro-dollar by announcing new Russia gas and oil deals in yuan, euros, real, and gold?

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3 comments to Jim Sinclair Issues Alert: Dollar Reacting Because Market Knows Russia Has a Nuclear Economic Weapon

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Jim knows any more than the rest of us. A lot of his prognostications over the past few years haven’t come to pass. Success and great wealth don’t necessarily mean that one has more insight than anyone else.

    • Rodster

      I totally agree because their prognostications are based on a sane market using normal logical financial practice. The global market has been run into the twilight zone since at least 2001. Every govt on the planet is lying about their numbers and all of them from East to West are manipulating their markets.

      Yesterday after it was announced that Russia will probably sign a deal with China in March to trade outside of dollars for oil and natural gas with Russia, the dollar index broke 80. WHAT?!

      It doesn’t make sense because this news if it were told by the presstitutes would have drove that spot number below 79 which it was sliding for awhile. But the number went up. Go figure.

      So yeah I think a Gorilla could equally make the right call because the entire global financial system has been so distorted and manipulated.

  • Z

    The first two comments never noticed that you posted the wrong link to the article.

    That is an article from GR about China.

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