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Is North Korea The Most Evil Nation On The Entire Planet?

by Michael Snyder, The Truth Wins:

There are a lot of evil nations in the world today, but it is fairly easy to make a case that North Korea is the worst of them all.  Some of the things that you are about to read about in this article are absolutely horrifying.  In fact, if you have a weak stomach you might not want to read this article at all.  In North Korea, public executions, rape and torture are all just part of the lifestyle.  In fact, according to the Daily Mail there were “between 40 to 80 public mass executions in North Korea in 2013.”  Some of the things that got people publicly executed in North Korea during 2013 included “watching unsanctioned South Korean TV shows and being found in possession of a Bible“.  And as you will read about below, other Christians have had it even worse than that in the past.  In one instance, little children were hanged in front of their parents, and then their parents were crushed to death with a steamroller.  So no, I am not exaggerating when I describe North Korea as an “evil nation”.

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