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Has Bill Clinton Been Snared in a Pedophile Ring?

from Western Journalism:

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2 comments to Has Bill Clinton Been Snared in a Pedophile Ring?

  • Eric

    What about his rapist pedophile murderous thieving wife with more crimes behind her than Jack the ripper? The clintons need a LOT more spotlight on their crimes.

  • wb

    this is no surprise to anyone. bill clinton’s brother roger, flew tons of cocaine into mena, arkansas. hillary is a known lesbian who has an assistant with ties to the muslim brotherhood. clinton made millions by allowing high paying donors to sell top secret missile and stealth technology to the communist chinese during his years in office. most seem to forget that he was the one who ordered the assault on the waco compound after the atf agents were beat back during their raid. clinton was implicated in a soviet spy ring and also there were several instances where accusations were made when clinton was governor of arkansas. billy boy loves girls younger than 12. his mother was a leading madam while she ran her criminal enterprise in hot springs, arkansas. also let us not forget it was bill who ordered the murder and subsequent coverup of hillary’s assistant, vince foster. vince had the goods on both and had threatened to go public on criminal activities of the clintons. webster hubbell was murdered while in jail awaiting trial where he had already agreed to a plea deal where he would get a reduced sentnce in return for turning informant againt bill. not to worry though, the clintons are very protected and nothing will come of this investigation.

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