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Insanely Idiotic

{Ed. Note: Speechless.!]

from The Burning Platform:

I only have a degree in Mechanical Engineering so please explain to me; what the fuck is a Subtraction Sentence????
This is exactly the type of higher level math that prepares one for college and a good career (sigh….).

This is what happens when the same douchenozzles that brought us Obama-Care get more involved in the public/government school system.

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4 comments to Insanely Idiotic

  • Dredd

    This is certainly a dysfunctional way to teach math. This would not be a method to teach math to the masses. The only possible benefit this would have, would be for a short course in abstract arts. You can see this involves abstract exercise of mind. No way for a course for the average masses. Nothing to do with math, but could benefit abstract problem solving ways of thinking. Retired IT, Electronic support Mgr.

  • kev

    I have a BS in math and it took me awhile to figure out what they were trying to do. It seems they came up with a method for finding a difference between numbers when you do not know how to subtract.

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