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IBM Head: Stop Fighting And “Embrace” Total Biometric Surveillance Because It Cannot Be Stopped

by Steve Watson, Prison Planet:

A leading IBM official has urged the world to “embrace” ubiquitous surveillance of the public through biometrics, because, he argues, it is too late to fight against it.

“…trying to stop this would be fighting the wrong battle.” said Peter Waggett, Programme Leader at IBM’s Emerging Technology Group.

“We’re fighting the wrong battle when we ask should we stop people being observed. That is not going to be feasible. We need to understand how to use that data better,” Waggett added, speaking at a Nesta panel debate on biometrics.

“The information is out of the bottle already — we have to deal with the issues surrounding it now. Embrace the challenge of what we’ve got, embrace understanding it and focus on what we can do with that new data.” he argued, urging people to stop worrying about preventing such surveillance from becoming a societal norm.

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4 comments to IBM Head: Stop Fighting And “Embrace” Total Biometric Surveillance Because It Cannot Be Stopped

  • Dredd

    My solution is for everyone to do what I have done for years. Provide fake data on everything. Increase volunteered data and surveys flood the system with made up information. Garbage in garbage out. Make the data worthless.

  • locks

    Most data is already worthless. It does not, however, preclude government and corporate entities make decisions based on the data. Few people seem to be upset about it. There are many surveys (note no source) that support the notion that the data is no good and people are not upset about it. /sarc

  • dave

    the older a person gets the more easily you get POed by these worthless human officials,who go resistance is futile,
    all this stuff is run by electricity and functions by sensitive electronics, time to start reading up on short range emp/similar disrupter devices that can mess this stuff up, monkeywrenchin electronically, LOL, Im sure all the younger ones who are good at hacking ect will find something that works once they get POed enough

  • Fred

    a simple emp device can be made from an old instamatic camera.

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