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I Have To Ask. Yeah I Know…Dream On!

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I wanted to title this piece “what if” but I think I’ve already done that 2 or 3 times so instead…I have to ask, what exactly would happen if there were a class action lawsuit against the exchanges that trade silver and gold?  What if there were also class action suits against the World Gold Council and GFMS for understating global demand while overstating supply?  What if the “crazies” went so far as to sue JP Morgan for concentrating positions and cornering markets?  Or maybe the CFTC for letting it happen even while being spoon fed evidence from GATA and other sources.  What if it went so far that boards of directors of mining companies were sued for breaching their fiduciary responsibility by not making a “peep” all these years and for selling “assets” below true market value?

Yes I know the above sounds absurd and maybe it is but Kevin Maher of New York filed a class action suit yesterday against the 5 firms that participate (d) in the London fix from 2004 to present.  Is this crazy or nuts?

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