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MUST WATCH: How to Steal an Airplane — From 9/11 to MH370

from Corbett Report:

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17 comments to MUST WATCH: How to Steal an Airplane — From 9/11 to MH370

  • OK…. unless the crew is knocked out you’re NOT going to remotely take over an aircraft. At even the slightest hint of the A/P screwing up, there are two red buttons on the control yokes that “will” be used. A/P “disconnect” buttons.

    Through the use of FMS (flight management systems) almost every aspect of flying is actually done by computer. Fuel management, hydraulic control, pressurization control, auto-throttles, and auto-pilot, just to name a few. All modern aircraft are CATIIIB qualified. That means they land and roll-out themselves. There are anti-skid and auto-brake functions also.The crew still has to raise/lower the flaps and gear. You’re NOT going to complete a no flaps, no gear landing via remote control. That would be called a crash landing.

    This aircraft would have to be outfitted with the equipment for “complete” control of the aircraft. It has been done before in test situations. (I truly think the two World Trade Center aircraft were computer flown into beacons in each tower. The Pentagon was a missile.) “IF” this aircraft had the equipment installed the crew “would” of known about it. Pre-flight checks would of have been screwed up and flaps/slats and gear use big handles. Without looking at the prints, I couldn’t really say either could be “jimmied” with extra relays. The crew would of had to been in on it and if that’s the case screw the remote crap.

    I have an extremely hard time believing anything from the press. The question of ACARS is still wide open. I’m thinking it’s 246 parameters that are monitored by ACARS. The system communicates with VHF over land and satellites over water. Flight control positions, gear position, engines, fuel, hydraulics, certain switches…. it’s a lot of shit that’s getting monitored. One of the biggies is IRS data. Airspeed, vertical speed, accelerometer, altitude, baro pressure, AND POSITION INFORMATION.

    There are just too many holes in all this. Whatever we hear as the conclusion will most likely be just like the information we’re being fed right now….. all bullshit.

    • SGT

      I personally don’t give much of a hoot about the Malaysian plane at the moment, who knows where it is. We’re following the story, but that’s not the significance of THIS video. What I like about this is the fact that Corbett used that international story-of-the-moment to re-shine a light of truth on what really happened on 9’11 – THAT’S what makes this one a ‘Must Watch’.

      • I’m not slamming you or Corbett. He brings up some VERY valid points. It’s worth a listen by everyone.

        I get quite disgusted by the MSM on this issue. I work on all this equipment. I have dug into almost every system with wires on newer and older aircraft. What we’re hearing is SO off the wall.

        I’m pretty well assured they know exactly what happened to this plane. But it’s BS for dinner with NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams. Just like it’s been BS for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last 30 years. I don’t “like” the taste of BS anymore.

  • gryphonv8

    Starve the beast people, starve beast, buy local, buy only what you need and change your currency into pm’s.
    The more money you don’t spend in their rigged ponzi scheme, the sooner the music will stop

  • prestodo

    Look, that plane is spraying chemtrails…NOT! Can’t they just follow the chemtrails to the missing plane??? After all, all airplanes spray chemicals into the air all the time because THEY want to poison the entire planet….duh duh duhhhhhh…….

    • Dissolution

      Nice try Prestodo. There are things called contrails. Not everything out of a plane is a chemtrail, genius. You of all people should know that.

  • Jeff

    Great post SGT. JC connecting the dots.

    • SGT

      Thx Jeff – I got me lots o’ respect fot the work Corbett does. I know he’s doing it full time whereas I fly part-time in the alt media world, but he really sets the bar high for even the top “professionals” in “news”. Top guy out there imo.

      • AgShaman

        and you payed for it. They rolled the shills out right on que (I’m sure you know).

        I’m guessing they are “sent out” when a video has a serious jump in viewership….which, prevents the problem for those employing the shills.

        9/11 has been the litmus to recognize truthseekers from change agents and provocateurs

        Corbett is definitely the benchmark for research based reporting. SGT report is the benchmark for aggregators of truthers and their material.

  • mark s mann

    What I cant believe is 8:00-9:15. What a “coincidence”. They went right down to the wire on the planning on this, same as how all the SEC records on Enron were destroyed in WTC7.

  • mangrove


    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Australia says possible objects in Indian Ocean

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