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Dead Banksters, Federal Reserve monetary tyranny, global financial meltdown. Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics joins us to discuss the latest in HIGH FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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  • Sheryl Anne

    Wonderful and truthful interviews SGT. Love and admire your work. Thank you.

  • What is the ” Game Plan ! ”
    Reason Jamie’s JPMorgan has been smashing GOLD prices down ?

    All Wars are Fractal Bankster Wars !

    • Jacobson

      Racist bastard !

      The world really need to get rid of people like you .

      It’s all beacuse of the hatred christianity aimed against jews inorder to gain followers during its establishment.

      Wars started before banks and before people traded goods with gold .
      I’m not defending the banks but you better find other reasons for wars .

      • Hogan

        @Jacobson…..It appears Rapid hit a nerve.

        This false Hegelian dialectic of The West vs China by the Jewish Banksters is a ruse. They own both sides, so when they say China is buying up the gold they really mean that the Powerful Cabalistic Jewish Bankers are transferring their wealth to China, WAKE UP FOLKS.

        • Jacobson

          It is a shame that you always mention the “jewish bankers” –
          Not all bankers are jews and the one that thinks about a jewish cabal is a stupid ignorant racist bastard .

          Why the hell are you so suprised that the east is gaining power ?
          As far as I know , all the greatest civilizations originated in the east .
          The richest countries in the world are from the east .
          British people drink tea – where they get the tea from ?
          The swiss chocolate – where they get the cocoa from ?

          And if we talk about “east” and “west” – who decided for those definitions ?
          According to the chinese tradition , China is the centre of the world .

          The world is returning to it’s natural structure .
          I really wait for the jews to leave United crap of Ameirca and return to their fathers land , this is why we established the state of Israel , that you criminals will leave us alone .
          When times gets hard , the jews are the ones to be blamed .

          You reality show-junkfood-sex4free nation is sinking beacuse most americans are ignorant and rootless . You better learn about the cultures of the middle east and far east and see that economics are just an outcome of the way people think and see the world and opposed to U.S , people in China have roots,tradition,food,culture and deep understanding of life .

          Greetings to Kardeshian and Bieber !

          • Michael

            Seventy million christian American support Israel unconditionally you stupid ass. Before you start calling people names do your homework. If the US quit sending aid to Israel you would not have the money to exist much less the right. You are a narrow minded moron with a foul mouth and little else to contribute to mankind.

            • Jaconson

              All “aid” u.s sends to Israel is a bribe inorder to prevent independence of Israel .
              70% of the money Israel is obligated to purchase from u.s .
              This is how it works since Israel developed an airplane during 70’s – 80’s , u.s forced israel to stop the project who could
              be a real threat to the american military complex .
              The chinese airplane j-10 is based on the israeli airplane .

              Israel could easily join other nations , create alliances and bloom .
              But theres an empire in the west that needs oil so we are abused to saturate the thirst of satan .
              This country really dont need u.s . Israel was created thousands of years before u.s and will manage after the collapse of the dollar .

              Thank you for the compliments !

          • Willyt2

            Hey Jacobson
            I have a question for you? I’ve read many of your posts here on SGT and notice when anyone posts anything about a Jew you get your balls in an uproar. Why do you freak out every time Jews are mentioned or someone blames a Jew for something? I don’t think anyone is painting all Jews with the same brush. Quit being so defensive, like any other religion you have your good Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc., and they all have their bad people no different than Jews. You don’t honestly think all Jews are good do you? If you do then you need to wake up and quite being so naive Jacobson . There are many Jews in the banking sector and the business world in general that do not have your or my best interests at heart. Don’t defend every JEW their not all good. Settle down dude!!

            • Jacobson

              Ofcurse there are bad jews and I’m not defending blindly but you have to be aware to the nuances that can change the whole picture .
              Is that matter that there some jewish bankers ?
              So why when some of you speak against other tyrants you never mention the fact that they are christians ? or muslims ? or mexicans ?
              Why is it important to mention the jewishness of an evil person ?
              When someone speak about “jewish bankers” and right after about a jewish concpiracy to rule the world or a “jew world order” , “jew deal” , zionazi-jews and a jewish secrets the bottom line is that these people are mixing legitimate ideas with the old racism .

              You guys probably don’t know how is it to be at this position .
              But I’m glad that most of you can realize that also israeli jews can be libeterians and that hate , just like love or any other energy hits the object , changes direction and formation .

  • Suzanne

    We have several presidential administrations who have an established record of killing credible witnesses. Obama killed off most of SEAL Team 6 over their fraudulent Bin Laden compound raid, then the FBI agents that participated in the Boston bombing… keep on going. The NDAA is their justification.
    Bankers are leading this in so many ways, so of course they are killing their own footsoldiers.
    I believe it was Benjamin Fulford that said that the banksters are looking to cull 1500 of their number to keep them from testifying. Anyone working in the commodities or trading platform units of any of these big banks… if they want to live… they really need to go public with what they know FAST. Laying low guarantees their deaths.

    • Tom G.

      Thanks for the interview guys. Rob gave an excellent,in depth, historical review of the financial crisis. Very, very informative. Thanks again.

    • Z

      The plan is very simple: Co-opt a government into doing the bidding of the real controllers (private bankers & financiers) while manipulating the people to believe that the government is there to do their bidding. It has worked very well so far…

      It is wearing a bit thin at the moment but never underestimate the creativity of the controllers. After all, they have a license to create money from nothing.

      “The one aim of international financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.” Henry Ford

    • Z

      “The process by which money is created is so simple that the mind is repelled.”

      ― John Kenneth Galbraith

  • CalsailX

    I love the fact that I’m not alone, someone else at least has a clue as to the corruption that destroyed my country. Great guest!

  • Hogan

    On a lighter note this made me laugh,

    A man received the following text from his neighbor:

    I am so sorry Bob. I’ve been riddled with guilt and I have to confess. I have been tapping your wife, day and night when you’re not around. In fact, more than you. I’m not getting any at home, but that’s no excuse. I can no longer live with the guilt and I hope you will accept my sincerest apology with my promise that it won’t happen again.

    A few moments later, a second text came in:

    Damn spellcheck. I meant “wifi”, not “wife”.

  • andrew james

    “crimes against humanity” more like animal abuse. I try not to look down too much on the idiots surrounding me. They’ve got some purpose that God has hidden from me. It doesn’t sound like anybody has much of a clue about what to do about them. It has been one listless generation after another that got us all here. Do you really think that only China has a 10, 100, or 1000 year plan? This bankruptcy of our society has been occurring constantly and incrementally before we were born. The US Gold was stolen on my grand parent’s watch. The Silver was all snatched up when I was 3. There are many interested parties trying to f*ck the US over including some of our domestic and home grown tyrants. White metal b*tches.

  • Willyt2

    It’s the call of the wild really, with respect to all the high profile bankers who are dying. In the wild when you have a sick or dying animal (THE ENTIRE BANKING SYSTEM) often they are eaten or killed by the mother. The bankers who have been killed were most likely morally and ethically wounded and either ready to blow the whistle, or afraid they would blow the whistle if questioned about this sick society of financiers. In this case JPMorgan is doing away with their loose ends, dead men tell no tales and they are making sure of that. Our entire banking system is sick and broken along with the people running it. Everything is manipulated, the global financial system is one giant lie, the MSM is a lie, politicians are the bankers puppets who lie to the people day in day out. We are all living in a world of illusion, nothing is real, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The psychopaths at the top are nothing more than money junkies, motivated by greed. They expect us all to submit to their self serving interests and insane rules while they rape and pillage us for every penny they can. Jamie Dimon your days are numbered along with JPMorgan and the other scum of the earth (TBTF banks/banksters). Money, power and most of all greed will be the demise of mankind. I hope this house of cards comes crumbling down soon, THEN humanity can get back up and start living the way we were meant to live, rather than live with this deception were forced to live through daily. As a civilization we are stuck in the mire and not able to move forward with any meaning until this happens. Not that I’m wishing for this kind of chaos but until then we will not stand a chance to live a life of freedom.

  • peter

    Here MAX KEISER tells you why BITCOIN is the most sound and trusted form of currency in the world.

    “Bitcoin most regulated currency in the world!”

    “It’s a ponzi scheme you fools” – IS IT?!?!?

    – SUCK IT UP SEAN – Mr fair and balanced reporter that you are!

    • ChainMailArmor

      Simple rule to live by:

      If you can’t hold it…….. You don’t own it.

      Anything that is not under your physical control can .. and often times will.. be manipulated by people who have the power to do so.

      Kirby was on fire. Great interview SGT.. and Rory… Thanks for all your efforts. You make a huge difference in the lives of many.


    • Willyt2

      It is a ponzi scheme, it’s created by computers and not backed by anything. Bitcoins are not a tangible asset. They may be regulated, however regulation will not protect you from your bitcoins disappearing, if we lose the power grid. What then? What if it’s goes down for an indefinite period of time?? Without the internet bitcoins are nothing.

      • Ed_B

        Considering the recent doings at the Mt. Gox web site, what has to be added to that to prove that BITchCOINS are a BAD idea? How many millions of dollars worth of BITchCOINS disappeared back into the thin air whence they came? Don’t recall off-hand but it was a LOT.

        Be that as it may, I support the freedom of people to do dumb things as long as they do not allow that to harm others. It is their money and they can do as they will with it. I don’t really care either way.

  • samizdat

    I see somebody (Jacobson)above used the term “RACIST BASTARD”.
    Why not attempt to DEBUNK the info instead of resorting to childish name-calling?
    Is any info incorrect in the blog to which “Rapid” provided a link?

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