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G. Edward Griffin – Find $10 Million In Gold, & Trade For Worthless Paper


G. Edward Griffin was on today discussing the wonderful story of the two Californians who found $10 million worth of gold numismatic coins in their back yard and are in the process of trading them for worthless fiat dollars. Obviously they’ve never listened to the Financial Survival Network. Perhaps they’ve spent a little too much time in Colorado lately. And then there’s that problem of a potential solar storm that could knock out much of the world’s electrical grid. We cover it all.

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3 comments to G. Edward Griffin – Find $10 Million In Gold, & Trade For Worthless Paper

  • messianicdruid

    Why would you tell anyone that you found a pile of gold on your own property?

  • chris

    How’s this for a reason? The numismatic value of the find is far greater than it’s weight. One coin was reported initially to be worth one million dollars. I’d sell the pile and go buy silver and gold bullion… and maybe keep a few coins. But that’s just me fantasising.
    The fact is, we don’t know what these folks plan to do with their find and rushing to judgment is stupid. It’s almost as stupid as Mike Adams saying that if he were in the Aurora Cinema, no one would have gotten hurt. Or Mark Wahlberg saying that had he caught the plane on 9/11, it would never have gone down.
    These folks have found a treasure and it’s their treasure. They can do what they please. It has nothing to do with swapping it for fiat (as if none of us ever do that)… and has everything to do with what they do with the fiat to keep themselves happy.


    it may be worthless paper,but Cash is STILL KING!

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