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Researcher and You Tuber Hatrick Penry, from Hatrick Penry joins us to discuss what he calls the world’s largest provable coverup – Fukushima Plumegate.

Hatrick has assembled more than 445 pages of government and regulatory documents through FOIA which show the frightening realities of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in the days, weeks and months following the devastating March 11, 2011 Tsunami and resulting hydrogen explosions which devastated Daiichi Units 3 and 4. There is more to the official story than meets the eye, including documentation which suggests a ‘Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill‘ was taking place on the same day and place, on March 11, 2011. Please share this one with those you love.

The Original 445 Page Plumegate PDF

Hatrick Penry’s Plumegate Abstract

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20 comments to FUKUSHIMA: PLUMEGATE — Hatrick Penry

  • Rodster

    Look what you’ve done, Glitter 1’s pager went off. He’ll be here any minute to say this is all bullshit. 🙂

    • glitter 1

      Mt 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

      • Rodster

        Glitter, you’re back. Come on man call these liars out. 🙂

        • glitter 1

          Look,I’m not going to play games with commentard(s)or placate your psychosis with regard to this subject.All I’ve ever attempted to do here on this Blog,since 03/11,is to provide a first hand perspective from experience/knowledge,not speculation or conjecture.I’m not trying to grab headlines,write papers/books or produce YOU TUBE videos or even use this forum to stroke my ego.I declined an interview from SGT for some of the same reasons Penry(who’s Plumegate is full of holes)mentioned at the end of his interview.
          I don’t need to defend what I’ve said here(Archieved since 3/11)at any time to you or anyone else.I know what I know,I know what you don’t know and are ignorant of and will never have understanding of.
          I’m done commenting about Fukushima here since it would take several hours to get into and seperate/adequately discuss the issues.
          Have a nice Day! 🙂

  • Marty

    How can this be a coverup? Anyone who can obtain a Geiger counter, and board a ship can take samples, and readings. These are international waters, for the most part. The park service can’t come after you, for taking samples, like in Louisiana.
    Maybe the MSM just isn’t covering it, but there must be lots of scientists that are taking readings. It’s a huge accidental experiment in marine biology.

  • mangrove

    Thanks for the great discussion. I had hoped you’d bring Hatrick Penry on!

    Regarding the youtuber in Gainesville, here’s an interesting perspective that brings into question who the guy really might have been (i.e. an “asset”?). The comments section is extremely long, but someone uncovered the fact that Michael Cravey’s brother works for the police department…. hmmmmm…..

    The Very Odd Story of “Thomas Brinkley” and How He Met His End

  • Gary

    Patriot & Hero- Ex-Congressman Paul Findley’s latest article;

    Exclusively in the new print issue of CounterPunch

    THE LAST TOXIC GASP OF NUCLEAR POWER — Inside the dynamite new issue of CounterPunch magazine: John LaForge takes an unflinching survey of the state of the nuclear power industry in the wake of Fukushima

  • Tyler Durden II

    Sean, have you looked into the body of work out on YouTube by BeautifulGirlbyDana? The man is obsessed with Fukushima. HATRICK can attest to Dana’s bona fides. He is a pistol and wants to see these bastards hang.

  • Fred Hayek

    I wish the speakers wouldn’t casually lump all types of nuclear power in together. From what I’ve read, liquid fluoride thorium reactors would be much safer. It would be a terrible shame if justified indignation at the idiotic pressurized vessel reactors we use now caused people to reflexively oppose all types of nuclear power.

    • marty

      The thorium-uranium cycle breeder you mentioned is only one of the options made possible by molten salt reactor technologies. Molten salt reactors have inherent advantages over solid fuel reactors, and those cooled by water, or helium. These reactors lend themselves to walk away safe natural convection cooled shutdowns. It’s impossible for the liquid fuel to melt, like solid fuel, and reachieve criticality on the floor of the reactor, like solid fuels can.
      It’s also fairly easy to design one that will operate using the uranium-235, and plutonium in spent light water reactor fuel, destroying it quickly, and permanently. With these fissionable isotopes gone, the rest of the radionuclides decay to the point that several hundred years after fission, the remains are as radioactive as uranium ore.

    • glitter 1

      “If you doubt reactor 3 really is missing, take a look at the following photo, which shows it’s core spray system mangled and laying out in the open – and still partially functioning – a remnant of it has a single spray plume shooting down into the debris. Only a complete reactor shell breach and core ejection could make the following photo possible:”
      It would be a physical impossibility to totally eject/remove the drywell,reactor vessel and it’s 250+ ton internal core by any means.There is no Core Spray System activation since there wasn’t any electrical power to run the pumps.Also,the core spray system is internal to the Reactor Vessel.I can’t tell you definitively what this is a picture of,but I can tell you that it’s not a picture of a missing reactor.

      • MPB

        glitter 1,

        Thank you for the reply.

        I am simply going to post the response I received of it (your reply) from the author, Jim Stone, of the report I posted the link to. Quoting directly from Jim;

        “Here is my response:
        “It would be a physical impossibility to totally eject/remove the
        drywell,reactor vessel and it’s 250+ ton internal core by any

        That’s a load of crap. You mean a nuclear weapon would not be able to totally rip apart a reactor and scatter it’s peices everywhere? And the pumps were outside the inner containment, and had power restored. Nuclear facilities are not made of tinfoil. They are extremely far beyond robust and THAT is the only reason why something stayed connected and started spraying water AFTER power was restored. What the hell else would be spraying water there anyway?”

        Peace all, MPB.

        • glitter 1

          “That’s a load of crap. You mean a nuclear weapon would not be able to totally rip apart a reactor and scatter it’s peices everywhere? And the pumps were outside the inner containment, and had power restored. Nuclear facilities are not made of tinfoil. They are extremely far beyond robust and THAT is the only reason why something stayed connected and started spraying water AFTER power was restored. What the hell else would be spraying water there anyway?”

          Please,He contradicts his own statements and the nature of his response indicates a vivid imagination totally void of any reality.Any explotion capable of disintegrating that much metal and concrete mass(drywell,reactor vessel(750+ tons),nuclear core(300tons))would have totally vaporized the entire structure,not just the center of the building.Also,300 tons of radiated nuclear fuel would render a 10-20mile radius unenterable by humans “for ever” due to the radiation levels.This fact alone disproves his assertion.As far as the Core Spray Pumps,The hydrogen detonation/explosion took place because there was not power to plant systems,after the explosion tore apart the building internals,there wasn’t anything left to energize/operate.
          I’m sure Mr Stone is a smart guy in his own right,but(and I’m being kind here)his postulation is the result of a … dream.His lack of understanding is obvious,cause if any of it was based on experience/knowledge/facts he would see that it lacks plausibilty.There’s just no other way to respond to it.Anybody can look a a bunch of pictures and think/imagine in their mind what they think it all means,however if one hasn’t ever worked around one of these machines to be able to appreciate/comprehend the true scale and complexity of the technology,they will never be able to truely grasp understanding it.I can’t make it any plainer than that.
          Attached are some pics of the facility I crawled around for 31+ years.

        • glitter 1

          Check out this information for the unbisaed truth.

          • MPB

            glitter 1

            I am rapidly coming to the belief that all nuclear power should be eradicated from the planet, regardless of the who, what or why of Fukushina. In my view I see absolutely ZERO way possible to ensure the safe operation of these plants, PERIOD! Then there is also the matter of spent fuel rods and the like. What to do with those? HUM…lets see in this country alone, as I last recall, Yucca Mountain is dead in the water (Not that that solution was ultimately viable anyway). I have not dug in to this recently but I am pretty sure it is the case. Regardless, the spent fuel just keeps building, and building and building. No sir, there has to be a much better, cleaner and certainly safer alternative (and I am SURE there is.. suppressed tech) Maybe if countries could pull together (Maybe just start with our own.. it is SO divided now – UGH!) for some sort of common human good this might have already have been achived. But no we just keep on finding new ways to destroy things, people and places. Endless wars, yada, yada, yada. Please don’t anyone start on the religious / religions aspect of this as an answer either. They have been around for millennia too and I see nothing noteworthy of their efforts. DON’T START! Our planet is being slowly but steadily raped, piligated, robbed, polluted and damn near permanently destroyed..slow but sure. The few of us here alone on SGT (Thank you Sean!) that steadfastly beat our heads against the wall trying to get the generally totally alsleep, brainwashed, app’d to death, reality show’d to death, sporting event’d to death, GMO’d to death, fluorinated to death yada, yada masses maintain this near hopeless battle and why? Because we care and would like to leave a better future and place for our children than we found it / had. But the enless lies, of course, from virtually every corrupt government and more on the planet make this practically impossible! I could pick vitrtually any subject, is there really any difference?

            It is time to rethink the wheel. Because it isn’t rolling anymore except right over us all.

            MPB is just a bit maxed out. I just need to see any real advancement of what is right to justify this. I know it isn’t over till its over. I just don’t know what to truly say or do any longer. Something tells me to push on regadless. I need a recharge at least.

            Glitter 1, Nuclear power, nuclear anything has to go PERIOD in my opinion. I see no long term benefit from it. Our track record to date, ALL NUCLEAR to date is not a positive. If Japan is not an example of a horrific nightmare IN PROGGESS for all to see, what scale does it truly have to be on? Seriously? How much death, destruction to the planet has to result for us to see this for what it truly is.? We can endless argue over the who, what and where’s of what REALLY happened there. My staunch view I want to NEVER have human’s and our beloved finite planet, destroyed further. A pipe dream? So far, for millennia, that appears the case. I seriously doubt at the rate we are going will will add another to our history.

            That’s my rant.

            Peace all,


            • glitter 1

              Nuclear Power is a marvelous and at the same time dangerous technology,which requires an undying respect.Carter killed reprocessing of fuel for reuse.Harry Reid has killed Yucca Mountain,after the Nuclear Industry has been paying for 40 years to develop/use it.The only thing I fear about Nuclear Power is “The Greed Factor” by the Utilities and I worked for one for 40 years.When the Industry was regulated,the engineers had control of the Plants.Under deregulation the Bean Counters/MBA’s control for maximum profit.Remember what happened with the Space Shuttle when they took it away from the Engineers and turned it over to the Managers/Bean Counters in order to maintain their launch schedules to make it profitable.The Engineers never would have launched with the O-Rings in question.
              All of the new plant designs have passive safety cooling systems.Hey,flying in a 200 ton jumbo jet is dangerous too.If we grounded all aircraft every time one crashes it would take alot longer to go coast to coast.Fukushima is a very unfortunate Industrial Accident,which will serve towards many lessons learned.

              Hang in there,better days are comin!(my old boss use to say that):-)

              • MPB

                glitter 1

                Marvellous — Seriously? It needs to 100% ended now! .. Before it is too late which it maybe already..? With all do respect sir you need a REAL reality check. You are TOO close to the subject. Please back off and look at the larger / BIG picture.

                The following was posted friday March 21, 2014.

                Second Radiation Leak Detected at New Mexico Nuclear Waste Site! – YouTube


                PS; I think you’ll find the contaminated area around Fukushima is FAR larger than was widely reported and FAR worse than anything you’d like to believe as well sir.

                You will NEVER convince me under any circumstances nuclear anything is safe. PERIOD!

                Peace all, MPB

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