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Flight 377 HIJACKED by AWACS?

Malaysian airlines flight 377 has been provably hijacked by an AWACS plane. This is outlined in the updates below.

from Jim Stone Freelance Journalist:

The Malaysian military tracked this plane for a full hour with military radar after it “vanished from civilian radar because “the transponders were switched off” (B.S.) radar is radar, it does not need a “transponder” to track a plane and they can eat dog poo. And Awacs would have shut down any transponder for a plane kidnapping anyway, it took no terrorist to do it.

ANYWAY, the plane did a u-turn and was “last spotted” on the other side of Malaysia. They made the mistake of saying it was “flying low” when it was still at 29,500 feet, far higher than needed to show on radar, to deceive people into believing THAT is why it “vanished” from radar. A whole bunch of lies were hatched about how it disappeared from civilian radar because “the transponder was switched off” but RADAR IS RADAR AND ONLY COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE TRANSPONDERS, PRIVATE PLANES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE TRANSPONDERS. Radar is there to prevent private planes that have no transponders from hitting commercial ones among other things, and if radar can see a private plane that has no transponder it certainly can see a huge jumbo jet. So you can take the transponder lies and trash them.

But the plane DID disappear from civilian radar even though military radar tracked it for a now admitted full hour longer.

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3 comments to Flight 377 HIJACKED by AWACS?

  • Victoria Donville

    Just a thought when you mentioned on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight, that just minutes after the pilot said Okay goodnight the plane started to show signs of problems, by dropping down then up, then sideways? It could not only mean that they had mechanical problems, it could also mean that they had someone fighting to take over the plane? and this is why the plane still showed signs of it flying for many hours after this. just a thought…

  • Malcolm Massey

    I think the copilot shot the pilot.Then decompressed the plain killing all aboard by flying at a high altitude. Put on a parachute and jumped out and let the plane fly off to crash in the Indian ocean

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