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False Flag Trigger Words and Mass Trauma Based Mind Control

by Zen Gardner,

I find it significant that the Sandy Hook issue comes back into public consciousness repeatedly. It’s almost as if even the alternative community is baffled how these manipulating bastards were able to pull that highly publicized scam off so slickly, despite it being challenged from the get go and then dissected to bits as time progressed.

I know it’s had my attention. The recent interview from a fully qualified law enforcement/school safety expert has certainly done much to revive the issue.

My original post along these mass mind control/trigger lines that immediately followed the Sandy Hook incident was immediately forbidden by the goog and we were forced to remove the article. This was during the initial stages when the media muppets were repeating their boldfaced threats regarding any reports to the contrary to the party line would be treated as subversive. You can easily see why, when it so profoundly exposes the deeper agenda.

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1 comment to False Flag Trigger Words and Mass Trauma Based Mind Control

  • CalsailX

    Sandy Hook let me wake up two people in my life with six words. Anyone present would have thought I hit them in the head with a fence post. They were staring at the programing and I dumped the six words them.

    Sandy Hook was all that was needed to wake a few zombies up. Take a bow POTUS.

    For the curious, the six words are:

    How are you supposed to feel?

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