The Phaserl


Every Breath you Take, Every Move you Make…

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you…

Long before the Internet, television programming, commercials, nightly news, newspapers, magazines and media of all sorts, contributed in some way in unwittingly forcing the ideals of others upon us, the news kept us all in sync. We all knew what to talk about. Our newspapers and television news channels provided us with all the conviction we needed for our thoughts and all of the determination required for our actions. It gave us small talk in the elevator and an easy way to end the awkward silence at the water cooler.

Other topics or issues were cussed about and kicked around on thefactory floor; the same ones could be heard over and over down at the local tavern, just slightly louder. What we heard or read, for the most part, was skewed in the direction of someone else’s way of thinking and thought we should believe the same. No one can sit mid fence all the time. Opinions can be made to sound like facts and that’s not so deceptive, is it? What when thrown in with a lot of other known facts, some opinions are easy to accept as truth, especially when all the uncontested statements are all dressed up, conveniently packaged, and ready for us to take on… as our own. Our very own customized opinion.

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