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Donald Trump: “We’re Becoming A Third-World Country”

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism:

During his address to the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday, Donald Trump pulled no punches in his portrayal of America’s current state of affairs. The Western Center for Journalism is covering the three-day gathering in Washington, D.C. and is reporting the analysis by Trump and many other prominent speakers.

Real unemployment, the famed entrepreneur and former Republican presidential candidate estimated, is as high as 22 percent. Dishonest calculations, however, suppress the real results of Barack Obama’s disastrous economic policies.

“When you give up looking for a job,” he explained, “it’s like they consider you employed.”

Americans are waking up to the truth, however, as Obama’s approval ratings hit all-time lows.

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5 comments to Donald Trump: “We’re Becoming A Third-World Country”

  • B.M.

    Obummer already knows his approval rating will go to zero. He doesn’t care. He’s just playing a pre-determined role for the bankers which is to slowly but surely take the U.S. economy down and put 99% of Americans in poverty so that won’t be able to resist the coming bankster rollout of the NWO.

  • Rodster

    Correction, Big Don. We are already a Turd World Country, thanks to the Banksters, Progressives and Globalists.

  • Hoser

    Rodster, you read my mind!!! Obama has Finished what Bush/Clit/Bush all started. To think we could have another Clit or Bush in the WH??? Do we live in a Fucking Dictatorship??? I’m sick of the choices the Dems/Repubs are handing us. Ehrr, the choices the Rothschid/Rockefeller/Jews are handing us.
    This country needs an Enema…

  • Eric B

    We just need the Trump/Christy ticket…..yeah! That’s the TICKET! Screw the Repulocratic party they destroyed Ron Paul they are nothing but shills for the Rothschild’s.

  • Jacobson

    What’s wrong with 3rd world ?
    Most of the world is a 3rd world .
    American blood is not purer .

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