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Crimea was the Origin of the Black Death that killed 50% of Europe

from Armstrong Economics:

It may appear that I targeted Ukraine out of no where, but indeed Ukraine has a tremendous history and the Crimea is perhaps the most strategic tiny piece of land between Europe and Asia. It has been the breadbasket since ancient times as I wrote recently, but it was the flash point that devastated Europe previously.

There were warnings in the form of rumors that told of a great plague in China and India that killed most of the populations there. The plague made its way to Europe when the Kipchak forces were besieging the Genoese trading post in the Crimea. The Kipchaks began to catapult plague-infested corpses over the walls and into the trading post. The disease spread quickly and the Genoese abandoned the outpost. They sailed back to Europe stopping in Sicily in 1347 taking the Black Death with them.

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2 comments to Crimea was the Origin of the Black Death that killed 50% of Europe

  • Dissolution

    If one more person writes “the” Crimea or “the” Crimean or “the” Ukraine I’m gonna lose it.

  • Piper

    Catholic superstition of cats as satan caused the plague. When the cat populations rose, the pandemic ebbed, and when the cat population plummeted, the black plague made a resurgence.

    Another reason all religions are a scourge on humanity & is an elitist control tool.

    Search Bill Donahue on Youtube You will learn something that will free your mind, that is if it is not closed.

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