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Cop With Smoking Gun Brags ‘Awesome’ After Blasting Pet Dog

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

A benevolent pit bull named Cali has died after officer Brice Woolly of Ardmore Police Department in Oklahoma blasted her in the neck with a shotgun on March 19.

On that day, Cali escaped the backyard fence and a neighbor called animal control to retrieve the dog. Unfortunately, officer Woolly arrived first.

You might be aghast when you hear what Woolly said when he bragged and laughed about shooting a dog that was just standing there, and then bragged again about another shooting. Then there is his murderous past and what he told the animal control officer to do next….

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1 comment to Cop With Smoking Gun Brags ‘Awesome’ After Blasting Pet Dog

  • Robin

    One day the worm will turn. When it does, all these pseudo-warriors who now so valiantly kill and maim innocents will wake and move through each day apprehensively looking for indications of imminent retribution. They will wisely look for it, because in their “heart of hearts” they
    will know it’s well deserved and just.

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