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Communities grow weary of militarized police

from RT, via The Daily Sheeple:

As numerous law enforcement agencies across the United States begin enrolling large armored vehicles into the force, pockets of resistance are forming among some communities concerned with the trend.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the federal government has been granting armored vehicles like BearCats to cities and towns since the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Additionally, about 200 vehicles designed to survive landmines and other explosions have also been distributed across the country, with another 750 requests pending.

While some communities have welcomed such acquisitions amid increased concern over mass shootings, others have balked at the idea. As RT reported last year, residents in Salinas, California, flooded the Facebook page of their local police department after it obtained a heavily armored vehicle capable of withstanding rifle fire and minefield explosions.

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4 comments to Communities grow weary of militarized police

  • prestodo

    How dare those dirty police that have families and wives and children and who are responsible for enforcing law and order in a country that is coming apart at the seams have the ability to hide behind armored cars while criminals shoot high powered rifles and shotguns at them…HOW DARE THEY!!! How dare those police protect themselves, and how dare they have guns too….they should all carry nerf ball guns against criminals with high powered rifles and shotguns. How dare the police have guns that can meet the criminals on their own turf…how dare they….

  • MrPappaFace

    You my friend are on the wrong website. And obviously do not understand much of anything.

  • Shadow of Doubt

    To Prestodo and those of his / her ilk….

    Take your pick:
    A. useful idiots
    B. proof you can’t fix stupid

  • Ed_B

    There is a HUGE difference between a police force, which is primarily investigative in nature, and a military force that primarily exists to destroy everything in their path. Yes, both are useful at times and have their place. But Americans SHOULD be able to agree that turning the streets of America into a 3rd world battlefield is not an action to which ANY US-based police force should aspire. Those who do should probably consider another like of work that is simpler to understand and easier to execute… jobs in the fast food and yard maintenance industries come to mind.

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