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Central Planners Have Taken The World To The Brink

from KingWorldNews:

Embry: “I always look at the gold price and its strange trading action with very great interest. From the moment that Russia took possession of the Crimea a couple of weeks ago, without fail, every morning gold is smashed and the U.S. stock market is ramped up….

Now, sometimes later in the day the direction changes a bit, but the damage is done right at the outset. So you’ve seen gold drop roughly $100 in a two week period. But there is absolutely nothing real about these markets.

There is nothing out there to suggest that this type of action in markets should be going on, other than this is an extreme manipulation. This is being undertaken to maintain some semblance of confidence in the system because the system is under extreme pressure financially, economically, and geopolitically.

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  • Ed_B

    “You had a 10-year Great Depression, followed by a horrific world war. And it took all of that so you could clear the decks and we could have the post World War II expansion. But now, despite the fact that I thought extreme stupidity set up the Great Depression, we have exceeded that stupidity dramatically in our generation and what we’ve done.”

    I like John Embry and listen carefully to anything he has to say. But I have to say that he missed the mark big-time with this comment. The Great Depression was NOT an accident or the result of stupidity. It WAS the result of banksters looting the US economy and citizens. As Thomas Jefferson warned us more than 200 years ago, ‘first by inflation and then by deflation will the bankers come to own everything in America’… paraphrased, of course. The Roaring 20s was the inflation period with easy money, loans for all, and massive stock speculation. People borrowed money, started or expanded businesses, bought farms and ranches, invested in the stock market (on margin, no less, to magnify their winnings) and otherwise became over-extended financially. They did this because everything was going so well that they did not think that the music would stop before they could make a lot of money. But, the music did stop, as planned. Thus began the deflationary period when the bankers withdrew massive amounts of gold, which was money back then, from the economy. Businesses failed in droves, loans were called in, and many assets were scooped up by these bankers at fire sale prices and sheriff’s tax auctions. After several years, they again started making loans, people and the economy prospered, and the huge amount of homes, businesses, farms, ranches, and other assets on their books were sold at horrendous profits. None of this was an accident or due to stupidity, unless we are to believe that making 40-50 times their money via this pillaging technique is stupid. It is not stupid. It is evil but it is not stupid. Calling it stupid only gives it cover for what it really is and that is evil. This technique was not new in the 1920s and 1930s. The bankers have been doing this for a very long time and the hell of it is, it still works! Not just sometimes but every time. The trick to it seems to be to not do it more than once every 80 or so years, so from 1929 to 2008 is… 79 years. Close enough for gubment / bankster work. They need those 3-4 generations to pass so that the living memory of their skulduggery is well and truly gone… forgotten or never known by those who do not read history. We can be quite sure that this will recur at some point, likely on a different schedule but with the same deadly precision as in past “depressions”.

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