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CCTV Reports On Importance Of Storing Physical Gold

“Gold isn’t condensed fear, it’s condensed labour”

by Koos Jansen:

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5 comments to CCTV Reports On Importance Of Storing Physical Gold

  • NIX

    I agree What they say in the video makes lots of sense.

  • B.M.

    Am I the only one who thinks the citizens of China are being used by their own government to remove the majority of the gold from world markets, which will then subsequently be outlawed to own and confiscated by said government?

    A brilliant plan by the Chinese communists, but a rotten one nonetheless.

    Notice how the Chinese government is making it very easy to IMPORT all the gold you want, but NONE can be EXPORTED by businesses or taken out of the country by citizens.

    Do you think there might be a logical reason for this?

  • Hal

    Could be right. Could also be they are preparing them financially for the next financial system.

  • delllat

    I did not understand anything……was it supposed to be subtitled?
    At least RT (Russian Times) speaks english.
    What is going on SGT? You should have a subtitle team!!!

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