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Can the Cartels Be Stopped? – The American People are the Sovereigns of the Constitution

by Daniel Greenfield, Freedom Outpost:

In our Constitution, We The People empower Congress to make laws within its federal aegis. But most Americans are oblivious to the bedrock fact in American civics:

We The People created our supreme law and through it, we created government. All of government is under the Constitution, and We The People are sovereigns over it. We The People created, defined, and severely limited our servant congresses, presidents, and supreme courts.

However tyrannical and frightening they may appear, these are our servants, strictly constrained by the supreme law.

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2 comments to Can the Cartels Be Stopped? – The American People are the Sovereigns of the Constitution

  • rich

    Needless Delay for a Medicine That Could Save Kids’ Lives

    My sister and I invented a gadget, and we’re trying to get a patent. The application process seems arbitrary and even capricious, but our patent attorney assures us this is not unusual. When the examiner assigned to our case told us that our patent was allowable, we clinked glasses and hatched business plans. Two months later, the examiner changed his mind. We are now in a back-and-forth exchange with the patent office, with no clear end in sight. The experience has been frustrating and expensive, but in the end if we don’t get the patent life will go on. We’ll either build our business without the proprietary technology or find another way to make our fortune. We’ll survive.

    A similar drama that affects my family life is unfolding under the auspices of a separate government agency, the Food and Drug Administration.
    But in this case, the same painstaking bureaucratic pace and inconsistent decision making that plagues the patent office carries life or death stakes. If the right action is not made now without further delay, my 13-year-old son literally will not survive.
    The FDA has the power to grant conditional approval for a drug if the medicine is “reasonably expected” to improve or extend lives.
    Just last week the FDA approved a drug to treat dizziness and lightheadedness associated with NOH, a nonfatal condition. The drug has only been proven to work for two weeks, but was granted accelerated approval because it is reasonably expected to work for a longer time period and therefore improve quality of life.
    All eligible patients will get access while further studies are conducted to confirm the preliminary efficacy results.

    Yet eteplirsen, a treatment for a 100 percent fatal pediatric disease with no other treatment options, has not yet been deemed worthy of consideration for accelerated approval. This inconsistency is baffling.

  • Truthy1

    History you must know.The individual states are Corporations that you have contracted with whether you know it or not.True “Sovereign” people need to re-educate and re-learn what has been hidden and disguised in language and documents.Start here

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