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Budget Blasters: 5 Cheap Ways to Scratch the ‘Assault Weapon’ Itch

by Jim Grant, Lew Rockwell:

Ask anyone who has been in the shooting industry for more than six months what the best starter rimfire is and they’ll answer identically, like an overly-rehearsed infomercial: Ruger 10/22. This answer hasn’t changed in the last 20 years because the Ruger has a disproportionately low price point when compared to its quality.

When the same question is asked concerning centerfire instead of rimfire, you’ll get numerous different responses with prices ranging from $150 to over $1,000. The problem with nailing down an inexpensive, quality centerfire weapon lies with ammunition. The fact that ammo prices increase as surplus dries up, consequently affects the price of the weapons. Back when Simonov rifles (SKS) were $70, it was impossible to argue that anything else, at that price point, was anywhere near as nice or durable. The closest rifle was the Mosin Nagant, but it isn’t semi-automatic and has much greater recoil.

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2 comments to Budget Blasters: 5 Cheap Ways to Scratch the ‘Assault Weapon’ Itch

  • Can’t forget the King of the 7.62x39s the Ruger Mini 30!

  • Hannon

    Most of that list I could get behind, but I would never ever recommend any keltec product to anybody for any reason. If you’re strapped for cash, you’re better off buying a hi-point product than a keltec product and they’re cheaper. Every firearms manufacturer has issues from time to time, but the keltec firearms I’ve seen in real life had to high a rate of being junk. My neighbor is a keltec fanboy, he has one pf9 that he’s been pumping rounds through forever with no problems, and another that’s been junk from the beginning, even after being serviced several times, along with all the other stuff he’s bought from them, which I think is everything they make. They seem to make very inconsistent firearms, it’s like the QC department shows up to work trashed every other day.

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