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BIG NEWS: Defeating the NDAA & Tyranny — PANDA’s Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson, the young Libertarian founder of PANDA [People Against the NDAA], joins us to give an update on cities, counties and states that are standing up to tyranny by agreeing to interpose between the FEDS and the tyrannical measures of indefinite detention of American citizens called for in a provision of the 2012 NDAA. As you will recall, “President” Barack Hussein Obama signed the NDAA into law on New Year’s Eve 2011, despite his promises that he would never sign it. Thankfully, that tyrannical act inspired Dan Johnson to form PANDA – and now Dan is making a difference in our country, every day. And YOU can join the effort to return LIBERTY to our nation and make a difference too. And check out to learn more about the 30 musicians & speakers coming to a city near you on behalf on PANDA and liberty.


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8 comments to BIG NEWS: Defeating the NDAA & Tyranny — PANDA’s Dan Johnson

  • Tom G.

    Dan is one of my favorite guests here on SGT. I was so intrigued by his last interview in Jan. that I bought a book entitled “The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates” by Trewhelia. It is a short book that goes into the history of “interposition.”

    Thank you Dan and Sean.

  • Roger S

    Dan Johnson is the REAL DEAL.

    Please support him financially in his efforts to rid US of this NDAA !

  • AgShaman

    This is a fight worth getting involved with, as with others like Rosa’s Agenda 21 battles. 2014 needs to be the year of action, for those left that hope to peacefully restore the Republic. I intend to get in the game….and remove any later ‘regret’ from future reflections.

    Don’t forget the “creepy faction” have 40 days of sacrificial worship coming up soon. Be prepared to expose any “events” brought to embolden the nefarious agendas of the enemy.

    Many thanks to SGT Report for keeping people in the loop and helping to awaken the sleeping.

    Good Luck Planet Earth….and the humans that hope to represent properly

  • Ian

    I have to agree with Tom G. Great show. Always appreciate updates on this topic. Very scary law….

  • Ed_B

    Obama signing the NDAA was no surprise whatever. The history of this regime has been a continuous stream of law-breaking, corruption, and one unconstitutional act after another. Obama promised to “fundamentally change America” and he has done his best to achieve that.

    Unfortunately for all Americans, his ideas of fundamental change means that we have to give up the ideals that made this country great. His idea that he can change ANY law in this country AFTER it has been passed by congress and signed by him could not be any more blatantly illegal, wrong-headed, or simply un-American.

    Our system states very clearly that the congress writes the laws, the president either vetoes or signs them and then implements them, and the courts serve as the watchdog in this to ensure that all laws are in compliance with the US Constitution.

    But Obama has short-circuited this lawful process, subverting it into a process that is subservient to his whim… and his alone. This is how un-elected non-representative government works. If we wanted this in our country, we would have stayed under British rule in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Yes, Obama has fundamentally transformed America… from a nation of laws to a nation of men… and that’s a helluva poor way to treat what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

    The good news is that in spite of Obama’s best efforts, many patriots across this country are standing up for liberty and for the US Constitution. Many in the state, county, and city governments are waking up to the fact that they are responsible to us, not to the feds in DC. They are taking action and precisely of the right kind: peaceful but purposeful. There are many avenues of action that we can take and many of them are perfectly legal and proper.

    Dan Johnson is just one of MANY people who are making a difference these days. Combining our efforts in the political arena is an excellent way to help. Donating money and time is also a very good way to help. Support your local candidates who stand up for liberty and who support citizen constitutional rights. Yes, we really can make a difference but it won’t just happen on its own. WE have to do it… and we WILL! 🙂

  • Wallace

    Rarely does an individual come along as a true freedom loving visionary, perhaps Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Paine & now Dan Johnson!!!

    PS- Your Life According To The Government

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The NDAA should be called the BDAA, the Bankster Defense Authorisation Act.

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