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Before the Lamestream Mockingbird Media Tells You the CPAC Straw Poll Doesn’t Matter, Read THIS:


Rand Paul won the 2014 Washington Times/CPAC presidential preference straw poll this weekend. In a landslide victory, participants in the straw poll overwhelmingly showed their support for the Kentucky Senator as top choice for the 2016 Republican Presidential bid. Rand Paul dominated with 31 percent of the vote. Senator Ted Cruz came in a distant second with 11 percent of the vote. Trailing badly in single digits was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Sen. Marco Rubio.

The mainstream mockingbird media will be quick to downplay the results by claiming that CPAC participants “represent the fringe of the Republican party”. Fine, got it. The dinosaur mockingbird establishment media will collude with the GOP in 2016 to shoehorn in an establishment hack like Chris Christie, just like they did in 2012 by stealing the GOP nomination from Dr. Ron Paul by handing it to Mitt Romney. Shocker.

Matt Drudge is running his own “CPAC” poll right now at The Drudge Report. The problem for the mockingbird LIARS is this, the Drudge poll has already received a total of more than 235,000 votes, no small sampling of “folks on the fringe”, this. And the results are very consistent with the CPAC straw poll. Rand Paul is out front with 30% of the vote, Ted Cruz is nipping at his heels with 28%. The people have spoken, again.

Whether you like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, or hate them, we cannot allow the corporate-controlled mockingbird media and crooked GOP establishment to steal yet another election from the American people.

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27 comments to Before the Lamestream Mockingbird Media Tells You the CPAC Straw Poll Doesn’t Matter, Read THIS:


    Rand Paul is an Insider. Voting for these Puppets condones the system of our collective enslavement. Sean was going to post Rand Paul ties to the Bush family, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    • SGT

      I knew I’d get comments like yours the minute I began writing this piece. Heard it all a million times before; “Give up”, I get it Dyno, endless finger pointing year in and year out, all amounting to NOTHING. But not me, I’ll fight, and give credit where credit s due, because it’s clear that Rand Paul isn’t a CIA-controlled Manchurian candidate like the current imposter-in-chief, a man who is hell bent on bringing the United States into every evil Globalist intention imaginable; from Agenda 21 to unconstitutional imperial wars of aggression, without end. At least we know where Rand Paul was born, who his father is and that he holds the Constitution and Bill of Rights dear. If that amounts to nothing more than the “lesser of two evils” to you, so be it. So go ahead, post links to whatever evidence you have suggesting Rand Paul is as bad a guy as Barack Obama, it will only prove that you are nuts. As for me, I have four children. For their sake, I can’t afford to “give up.”

      • Joe

        There is so much cluelessness and ignorance in your statement, it’s hard to pick a startimng point to reply back to.

        “Give up” …..Where did he mention to give?

        “endless finger pointing year in and year out, all amounting to NOTHING” … elaborate because I personally have no idea which topic in point you’re talking about?

        “Rand Paul isn’t a CIA-controlled Manchurian candidate” … no he isn’t BUT he is a BOUGHT and PAID for Zionist puppet. He IS controlled opposition!

        “a man who is hell bent on bringing the United States into every evil Globalist intention imaginable; from Agenda 21 to unconstitutional imperial wars of aggression” …and if Rand Paul ever made it into the White house, he would follow the exact same path that Bush and Obama created because they all work for the same globalists! Rand Paul backs all of these wars we are currently involved in.

        “So go ahead, post links to whatever evidence you have suggesting Rand Paul is as bad a guy as Barack Obama, it will only prove that you are nuts.” …NO, I personally will not post links stating what I have stated above only because I’m not here hand feed you with truth and if you are not already aware of the proof of what i mentioned above about this guy, you shouldn’t post a write and make comments in such a matter of fact manner when you clearly i have no idea what the truth is.

        “As for me, I have four children. For their sake, I can’t afford to “give up.” … NO ONE told you to give up but you can afford to put all your energy and money into another bought and paid for Zionist shill?

        • SGT

          I’m not endorsing Rand Paul I’m just reporting on what happened at CPAC and WHY it matters “Joe”. Unlike YOU, I don’t profess to have ALL of the answers, nor am I a holder of every truth on planet earth. It’s SO EASY to be a hater, and so MUCH HARDER to provide solutions — So, what do YOU propose Joe? How are YOU going to turn this ship around? Do you think bitching and moaning about Rand Paul will help? Just like all of the losers who bitched and moaned about Ron Paul being a “freemason” and other BS? Let me get this straight, you’d prefer to have CIA-created Barack Obama in the White House over Dr. Ron Paul?

    • jerry

      My thought is Rand has been compromised, just like justice Roberts was. How do we stop them from stealing it? It was blatant as hell last time no one did anything to prevent it, other than expose it on alternative media . Long as they have control of the information they have control of the masses. The American Spring may be whats needed but look how bad the trucker march turned out , and no one even heard of the bikers that rode into the capitol. The internet movement is growing ,although it is its still not changing enough minds to understand we are controlled and are slaves to this system that is ready to collapse on itself and end any chance for a free republic not controlled not manipulated by the powers that be

      • SGT

        Answer this: Would you guys prefer to see ‘Hillary Clinton VS Chris Christie (or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush)” in the next Presidential election, or “Hillary Clinton VS Rand Paul (or Ted Cruz)” in 2016? And of those choices, who would you prefer to see in the White House?

        • Joe

          So after the Zionists hand you a choice of their bought and paid for shills, you feel your job is to pick one and try to get them elected?

          How about instead interview other people and trying to get them to run for office. People NOT bought and paid for. How about someone like Catherine Austin Fitts?

          • SGT

            Was Catherine Austin Fitts at CPAC? I didn’t see her give a speech, nor did I see her name on the CPAC ballot. Has she made any attempt to throw her name in the ring?? NO. It’s time to put on the big boy pants & recognize that there is a difference between someone as blatantly evil as Barack Obama and the VIABLE alternatives on the side of Liberty. I suppose you all think Dr. Ben Carson is “compromised” too because he spoke at CPAC? I hate to say it, but the mental illness in our ‘Libertarian’ ranks runs deep.

            • Joe

              I don’t know nor do I care if she was at CPAC! The idea is to get real people of integrity into the office of POTUS! The idea I mentioned was to interview people like Catherine who have deep integrity and knowledge and try to convince them they are needed now.

              Again, after the Zionists hand pick you a list of THEIR bought and paid for choices, you feel its your job to pick from that list?

              • SGT

                I’m saying that if we want to keep Oligarchs like the Bush’s and CIA-created monsters like Obama OUT of the White House, then we need to participate in REALITY. Catherine Austin Fitts is not a viable solution since she’s not in the race.

                • Joe

                  …and you think supporting someone from the hand picked list of the Zionist cabal is the answer?

                • jerry


        • jerry

          Im with you 100 % Cruz or Paul . I made that comment as an observation from seeing Paul evading questions on why he went after a reporter to have them fired for asking tough questions. Ever hear of the nsa compromising the politicians

          • jerry

            This is as well the lessor of the two evils . Obama lied and with our fingers crossed maybe these guys are for real . All you can do is hope for the best with the lessor of 2 evils UNLESS we throw them all out in an outright REVOLUTION

  • colin

    i am confused, did not rand paul sell out on last election and back romeny? played his cards allready. rand paul or his father have not explained those actions. u judge by there fruits.

    • SGT

      Great, let’s hear it for 4 more years of the Bush-Clinton imperial dynasty.

      • Joe

        You really have no idea how your logic is so skewed do you? …and I will leave it there, I said my peace.

        • SGT

          I’m just very tired of defeatists who provide no real solutions, like you “Joe”.

          • Matt

            Problem is that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Clearly Rand Paul is way better than Obama/Clinton/Bush. However be careful that they don’t blame the coming collapse and WWIII on Rand Paul and small government types, and use that as an excuse to bring in the new world order and big one world government.

          • Matt

            What is the “real solution”?
            Problem = Obama
            Reaction = get rid of Obama
            Solution = Rand Paul = order out of chaos?

            I’m sure they have a plan for if Rand Paul gets elected, and I think that he/we will be blamed for their next crisis. The ultimate solution is education of the people about how they are manipulated by and slaves to the system, thus they need to opposite of the NWO/One World Gov . . . we need small gov, states rights, liberty, personal sovereignty, self-sufficency, etc

          • Jimmy

            Hi SGT,

            May I offer my experience leaving the Republican Party, The Republican National Committee responded by sending me via mail a high quality cardboard form DEMANDING I respond to a questionnaire about why I dislike Obama. Here’s the kicker to their clever attempt to keep me in the dialectic, In LARGE BOLD RED TEXT it stated “DO NOT DESTROY THIS QUESTIONARE, I MUST RESPOND”. My response was to totally destroy it, so in the trash it went.

            The best form of patriotism is to not comply as much as possible make them , if enough of us do that we win.

            PS- I did the same with FOX News & they too sent me an expensive form letter begging for me to remain brainwashed. These are acts of desperation without us the pyramid topples. Get out of their sandbox & teach & love your family & neighbors. Do not live in fear have faith we are winning.

            • Jimmy

              Left out make them….Irrelevant. Also do not look for heroes or leaders as Chris Duanne says “no one is coming to save you” It is up to each of us individually. God is within each of us, we need a spiritual majority, Only then will Man emerge from the darkness to the Light.

  • Matt

    Rand Paul ‘seems’ clearly better than Bush/Obama/Clinton. However it still perpetuates the false ‘left-right’ paradigm, voting for your slave masters mentality.

    Unfortunately I fear that they allow Rand Paul to win the presidency in 2016, then they crash the entire system in ~2020 and blame the big collapse and WWIII on the ‘Libertarians’ and ‘small government’ types. They can then use the collapse and WWIII as an excuse to bring in a large government (ie. NWO one world government). In this scenario it would be better if a BIG gov president was in power during the collapse so at least the masses could see that a small gov libertarian did not cause the war. Since a collapse and war seem very likely, I think it might be better that Rand Paul is not the president when the likely collapse occurs, since he and we libertarians will be blamed for the collapse.

  • mike

    way too risky to allow a “liberty” type candidate to win the election. the sheep would expect some type of action for the liberty movement. There is nothing that can take place to reverse the NWO’s agenda. they are running out of time. reversing course (even if just for show) with Rand Paul or Ted Cruz can’t happen. they will be pumped up only to generate donations for the REPUB party. they will pull out of the race or “lose” right in the end to Cristie,Ryan or Rubio….those three are trusted globalist shills. of course no one will beat Clinton. BUT if see really is ill then a Repub shill will have to be selected.

  • bestkeylar

    Karl Rove, suck on that staw poll, you ballbag.

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