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Andy Hoffman on the Golden Bull, Failing Fiat and the Foundering of the Central Bank Economy

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

Introduction: Andrew (“Andy”) Hoffman, CFA joined Miles Franklin, one of America’s oldest, largest bullion dealers, as Media Director in October 2011. For a decade, he was a US-based buy-side and sell-side analyst, most notably as an II-ranked oil service analyst at Salomon Smith Barney from 1999 through 2005. Since 2002, his focus has been entirely on precious metals, and since 2006 has written free missives regarding gold, silver and macroeconomics. Prior to joining the company he spent five years working as an investor relations officer or consultant to numerous junior mining companies. Andy’s articles can be found on the Miles Franklin Blog, at

Daily Bell: Hi, Andy. Good to speak with you again. Let’s discuss some top-of-the news issues. Give us your perspective on Janet Yellen and what she intends to do. Her first FOMC meeting is coming up.

Andy Hoffman: “Whirlybird Janet,” as she is already being referred to, will ultimately put “Helicopter Ben” to shame, by the time she’s through

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