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America Used Up and Betrayed [Part 4]

by Ken LaRive, The Liberty Beacon:

It is hard to remember anything of substance when one is constantly hit form all sides, and even harder when one doesn’t even notice the hits, increment by increment… Last year some Christians, a handful, protested about the White-House’s overbearing plans to force all insurance companies to cover, at no charge, all contraceptives, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization, that had become the very soul of Obamacare. Catholic schools and hospitals, and faith-based pregnancy centers were being coerced to offer the coverage, and only after saying emphatically NO! …did the administration back off, or so it seemed. But they continue to attempt to fund it from other sources, and so well hidden, it will take on a new name, or slide inside of a last minute unread addendum… And they are indeed very clever, and unrelenting as well, as they are promoting a new set of ideologies… and they are these… Government has the power to dictate, people have a need to be dictated, our religious institutions are at odds with these ideologues, and must be curbed at all cost… and so, three months ago it became known that Americans were being spied on, Conservative businesses were under the lens of a new form of tyranny, the IRS, …that our phone records and emails were used in super computer compilations, that resistive Catholics and Evangelical institutions non-compliant… were put on the terrorist watch list, and that all of this information was sent to Israel for processing. Yes, this is the New American Way.

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