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A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Vault

by Will Lehr, Perpetual Assets:

You can store your retirement account gold & silver under your pillow? Then why store anything precious outside of your control?

As I peruse my favorite alternative media sites bringing myself up to speed on the real news, I can’t help but wonder how people still give any credit to the mainstream talking heads and their blatant lies and misinformation. The alternative media is somewhat of an open source independent, free market fountainhead. It is controlled by no one, yet supported and vetted by the community of the free minded. However, these journalists, bloggers, and truth tellers must make a living like everyone else. When donations are sparse, advertising becomes a viable option.

Due to my extensive Internet searches regarding retirement accounts and precious metals I am often targeted with ads about precious metals IRAs. Unfortunately, these precious metals IRAs are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many of these companies would have us believe that a gold IRA or silver IRA will help protect our assets from a financial implosion.

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