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50 Years of U.S. Government Sponsored Terror — Mike Rivero

Friends, we are pleased to bring you this in-depth discussion with Republic Broadcasting radio show host Mike Rivero, the founder of As a 20-year veteran of the truth movement and a pioneer in alternative news media, Mike gives us his expert perspective on 50 years of government sponsored terror, the Western-backed Kiev Snipers, the very real Russian threat to destroy the dollar, and the radioactive nightmare in Fukushima. Thanks for tuning in.

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12 comments to 50 Years of U.S. Government Sponsored Terror — Mike Rivero

  • Jeff

    Another great interview SGT. Thanks.

  • Jeff

    OT but Sean may want to post this. Another interview of Wolfgang W. Halbig.

    AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened, Again

  • Mike has been telling the truth for years. I tried to get everyone I know to watch “All Wars Are Banker’s Wars”….. a fantastic explanation of our history.

    Thanks Sean………. great interview.

  • Quinton

    Excellent Interview, Mike Tells it like it is.

    Please SGT consider interviewing Mike and get his perspective on the Israeli- Zionist issue? It seems many on SGT self censor themselves on this taboo topic. It is long over due, As adults we must face this issue head on as it affects every American and possibly the world.

    This topic is now reaching into mainstream as CSPAN had a National summit on US-Israeli Relations

    • SGT

      Thanks Q, I think Mike and I have discussed this in past interviews – Also, Mike talks about the Israeli lobby problem and AIPAC’s influence on our gov’t quite often on his radio show.

  • Gerald

    I think Mike is spot on and not a sell-out. His website is choc full of information. thanks for hosting him.

  • Hman

    Dear Sean and team, another great interview. I see the world changing because the likes of you, never under estimate your valuable work.

  • Praxis

    I know you guys are working hard (in more than a few ways) and you’re heavy hitters in the alternative media which is excellent and evident of your dedication to everyone’s liberty.

    That said. Take a break once in a while! Forget pills. Sleep is the most important aspect of living a long life and none of you get enough! I don’t either but the midnight wakings are partially responsible. I think I know why but I’m open to inquiry. (not from ‘professionals’, pretty please). I think work IRL mental stress has the majority of effect.

    I know I’m faulty too but dammit, SLEEP without trepidation of unexpected repercussions. The world turns on its own pivot. People (like me) want you to succeed into a legacy. At least stay healthy until things get so raw that you’re in a position to face the real meat grinder rearing its rotating blades. Mechanically separated chicken is on the front line.

    I only woke up to some stupid conversation in a dream that drove me crazy. I’m going back to sleep.

    Many cheers.

  • Big Paulie

    “Though many mistakenly believe that sanctions are a relatively harmless way of forcing foreign countries to do what we say, we should be clear: sanctions are an act of war.” – Ron Paul

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