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4 Astonishing Charts Reveal The World Is Going Exponential

from KingWorldNews:

There is an undeniable fact with significant consequences: Today money is lent into existence; the outstanding interest for that very loan is not….

Therefore, ‘stability’ in a debt based monetary system requires new money to be continually loaned into existence, otherwise a shortage of currency to service the debt will occur. This leads to an imperative need for:

► Exponential Money Supply Growth

► Exponential Credit/Debt Growth

► Exponential Nominal GDP Growth (Accomplished through productivity increases and/or price inflation)

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2 comments to 4 Astonishing Charts Reveal The World Is Going Exponential

  • Cynthia

    I really hate these moving commercials, like the one on the left side of this page (pink bottle). I have to put my hand over the commercial to see what you’ve written on the essay I clicked to read. ( I DO NOT read the commercial, in spite of its annoyance). Usually, I just click to another website because I can’t read the essay effectively with the annoying moving commercial.. real bummer.

  • Jim

    I follow the site and the last week has been interesting. In the 8 days from March 5 to March 12, the debt (per the US treasury) has gone from 17.405T to 17.501T. Every once in a while the figure is bumped up by a large lump amount. For example, on March 12 at 7:50am the deficit read 17.479T and at 3:45pm it was 17.501T. An extrapolation of the past 8 days would indicate that the deficit may exceed $4.5 trillion this year with a resulting 22T debt.

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