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Zombieland: A View Of Amerika From I-35 North

by Jim Karger, Dollar Vigilante:

“Ain’t you ‘fraid livin’ down there?”

This was the inquiry of the good old boy wearing a Homeland Security uniform as we passed through the 26-mile border security checkpoint outside Laredo, Texas, an outpost inhabited by more like him, dogs, and cameras — lots of cameras.

He was clearly suspicious of two gringos driving a Mexican-plated car and that question was the best he could do – a mildly-retarded version of cross-examination.

“No, not afraid,” I replied stiffly, but wanting to add, “but you, on the other hand, scare the shit out of me.” To do so, I knew from past experience, would land me in Line 2 where Bubba’s boss waits to deal with traitors (pronounced like “taters”), meaning anyone who, like me, dares live outside “dis great (pronounced ‘grit’) country.”

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7 comments to Zombieland: A View Of Amerika From I-35 North

  • Silver Shield

    What a garbage article.
    What psychopath wrote this?
    A boomer lawyer bragging about how much money he makes to a young waitress crying because if the debt she has and tells her to get a vibrator and webcam?

  • CalsailX

    Pretend to be a white knight but in fact your a mangina. Even that doesn’t brother me. What does bother me is your a Bar member… I will own you when the day comes make a note of it!

  • CalsailX

    I shouldn’t be so cruel, maybe fighting six lawyers at once pro-se shouldn’t be considered unfair. Just line up and pour thy corporation money in the hole.

    I admit I’m a evil man I will treat a corporation worse then a human being at least in court… evil chuckle.

    Learn the game… win the game!

  • CalsailX

    I don’t like him, and I’d love to own his ass in court. However I have to admit at times you really have to kick folks in the ass get them to do anything but sit and self destruct.

    Nice thing about prospecting is you just laugh at the silly SOB’s as you go to work for at least a few weeks.

  • CalsailX

    Hell I only need a fight I can win. If a fool takes it in to a court room I’m sure his attorney will be able to justify every nickel. Gee how did that become part of the trial… guess there wasn’t an objection.

  • Rudenewt

    Karger isn’t rich and he sucks as a lawyer (if he even still has a bar card). If he was rich or was a good lawyer he’d be fighting the take over of the country as who would be in a better position to do it than a rich lawyer? And of course who would profit more from it eh? No Karger is just the very thing he purports to be making fun of; a mindless follower (in this case of a snake oil salesman called Jeff) that has no hope, no ambition beyond dragging you down with him and above all no balls (which sucks for his wife who we still lack verification is actually a woman and not Jeff in a dress).

  • Ag Tex

    Limiting Jim Karger’s presence is good thing. A little of Jim goes a long way. This man needs Christ in his life (or perhaps lack of life).

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