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Zombie America: 70 Million on Mind-Altering Drugs

from Off Grid Survival:

It’s not the walking dead you have to worry about; it’s the 70 million Americans who are now taking at least one mind altering drug.

We’ve touched on the subject in the past, but according to an article released today by World News Daily the problem might be even worse than we thought. According to WND, over 70 million Americans are now taking some sort of mind altering drug. The number, which includes both people taking illegal “street drugs” and legal “therapeutic prescription drugs,” highlight the real trouble we are in.

What was once thought of as an inner-city problem, that primarily affected people using illegal street drugs, has morphed into a monster that has received very little attention. The problem is so bad, that there’s a pretty good chance you have encountered at least a dozen people today who were taking some sort of mind altering medication.

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1 comment to Zombie America: 70 Million on Mind-Altering Drugs

  • delllat

    is cannabis a drug?
    is it considered a drug?
    if it is a drug, does it alter minds?
    if so, does it alter minds temporarily?
    does alcohol alter minds?
    is it “legally” considered a drug? or just “plainly” considered a drug?
    what about taking aspirin for a headache?
    is that considered mind altering if it stops the “head”….ache?
    does radio and t.v. wave length alter minds?
    we are headed into some big problems, if this is the case?
    will people adapt to the change? maybe not?!

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