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Will This Be A New World Reserve Currency?

“Gold isn’t condensed fear, it’s condensed labour”

by 24 carat, In Gold We Trust:

In the Pacific there has been a currency exchange system since 2009 that allows individuals to sent funds directly to each other.

Payments in the same currency can be made instant and free of charge, swapping currencies takes no more than 5 minutes (to allow time for market orders to accumulate so that the best exchange rate possible is achieved) and has very low fees. This system is called KlickEx. It only deals in cleared funds, so all users (or banks) have an account at KlickEx, which can be excessed from a computer or mobile phone for deposits and withdrawals.

At this moment it deals in Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Samoan Tala and Tongan Pa’anga. Currencies coming soon are the Euro, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Japanese Yen. Let me introduce you to the CEO of KlickEx, Robert Bell.

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