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Why the stock market is a sham for regular investors

Based on historical price to earnings ratios the stock market is overvalued by fifty percent. Only half of Americans own any stocks.


The stock market is largely seen as a barometer of economic health to the US economy. Turn on any business program and they report market prices as if reporting on it being a sunny or cloudy day. The financial markets are fully juiced on our current debt based system. Unfortunately it is taking more debt to get minimal returns and the reality is the juicing of the market is simply causing more wealth inequality in our nation. Financial institutions have first dibs on the easy access of debt provided by the Federal Reserve. This is why the housing market is now largely dominated by investors and banks cutting out regular home buyers. Young Americans are competing for positions in the low wage environment that is subsequently created. Yet the stock market is largely a sham for most Americans. Most do not have access to high frequency trading techniques that favor quick trades over buying and holding and corporate profits are up largely up on the slashing of wages and benefits. When we look at historical price-to-earnings ratios, we find that stocks are currently overvalued by at least 50 percent.

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2 comments to Why the stock market is a sham for regular investors

  • rich

    Danielle Park talks with “In Bed With Wall Street” author Larry Doyle

    Published on Feb 21, 2014

    Danielle Park, President of Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc. and the financial blog in conversation with former Wall Street trader Larry Doyle, about his important new book, “In Bed With Wall Street. The Conspiracy Crippling Our Global Economy.”

  • Ed_B

    As a successful “regular investor”, I take exception to the idea that money cannot be made in the US stock market. I know that it can because I have done it. No, I am not a professional investor, merely someone who realized about 40 years ago that savings alone will not result in a comfortable retirement. All one need do is the math. Savings are depleted by both taxes and inflation, so cannot add up to enough to support people during 25-30 years of retirement. But investing in high quality dividend paying stocks, among other things, surely can… and is!

    This is not to say that we don’t also need to have a good amount of PMs as our financial insurance in case of a SHTF situation because we do. That money is also virtually immune to the effects of inflation and any currency devaluations that might come along, such as has happened recently in Zimbabwe, Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Russia, and Venezuela. Citizens of those countries who only had their national currency as their source of wealth have been deprived of their work effort via these currency moves. Never forget that governments decide not only that their currency has value but how much value and when it changes. By changing their minds at times that are opportune for them (but not for their citizens) they can make their lives easier and our more difficult; but only if we let them. We have to play their fiat game in order for it to harm us. So, take a portion of your wealth and get it outside the boundaries of this game. This is is what holding gold and silver outside the banking system does and it is a critical element of a long-term financial plan. Don’t just talk or think about it. DO IT!

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