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Why Don’t Good Cops Stand Up More Often?

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

Do you remember the story of Regina Tasca? The officer who was fired for stopping excessive force on a pinned down mentally challenged victim?

Perhaps there’s been a resurgence of interest from a post on and the increase of police violence towards citizens. Her department smeared her as ‘bizarre and outlandish’ and subjected her to a psych exam deeming her unsound. “This was excessive force,” Tasca’s lawyer, Catherine Elston had said. “This was an unlawful tackle, this was punching an emotionally disturbed person whose arms were pinned under his chest.”

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2 comments to Why Don’t Good Cops Stand Up More Often?

  • Hamden

    This castle is considered to be a storage place.
    Aizhen is told to keep the letter a secret but it is snatched away by Jinyin, who burns the letter.
    Franklin, Cameron and Ratz left to go to university in early 1966. Fatah contacted the Toronto Police Department and later met with two uniformed policemen from 51 Division.

  • john

    yes more truthful cops are needed as this terrible case is an example of plain thugery and coverup from the beginning….until the video was published in the dec 13th issue.

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